You got me!
Yesterday the restaurant was very busy, so we opened basement.. until about 9pm, there was only one table occupied..but they knew that basement is about to they asked their bill... I said that if they want, they could go upstairs to have some drink..and they agreed... So I escorted them to the table upstairs, bringing their wine as well.. then the conversation happened...

G: 'Hey, can you show me where the toilet is?'
O: 'Sir,it's hard to tell you the truth, but the toilet is downstairs on the basement..'
O: 'No sir, besides, do i look like i am joking you?'
G: 'haha..Okay, no worries.. but sometimes joking is important...'
O: 'I know siR, the bad news is that when you reach basement, there is a small path and you have to walk about 5minutes away to reach the toilet..and come back here for another 5minutes... so in total, you will have to make this lady here wait for you for 10minutes...'
G: 'Ow really? Wow..i am staying here in Swissotel and it takes about 10minutes i guest i will go to the toilet in my hotel...'
O: (smiling) 'No sir, the toilet is just on the basement'
G: 'Ow well.. WHAT??? SO NOW YOU ARE JOKING???'
O: 'Sometimes joking is important sir..'(smiling)
G: 'Hahah...that was one nice joke... you've got me, young man!'
O: 'Please siR, i will show you the way'

By the end, he asked me where i was from.. I said, Indonesia..and he replied that he's living in Singapore..but i don't know where he is from.. ah..i don't need to know and more importantly, he did not have to take a walk for 10minutes away...^^
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  1. KucingTengil Says:

    jiaaaaah mana hasratnya pgn berbhs indonesia hahahaha

    anyways... its a one of toilet jokes hahahaha why guys like make a toilet jokes :P but its nice one hahahaha seems he'll going to like you hahahaaha (lol)

    btw, I've download Yiruma (ngebajak lageeee hahahaha *kabur dr satpol PP*). its so nice music instruments. thanks for telling me^^ now, I listened Yiruma every night when I will going to sleep :D

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    @kucing: haha..yang ini agaK aneh kalau saya tulis dengan bahasa Indonesia, soalnya semua setting tempat dan latar serta dialog terjadi dengan bahasa asing.. posting selanjutnya menggunakan bahasa indonesia kok..tidak usah khawatir..^^
    Yiruma emang lagu pengantar tidur yang bagus..(katanya lagi) soalnya saya juga belom pernah mendengarkan lagu yang lain..haha...

  3. phi Says:

    Very nice! =) You got him by his own words.. hahahhaha sooo much of your character =p Keep it fresh bro!

  4. -oKKy- Says:

    @phi: Sooo much of my cHaRacteR...^^

  5. glad Says:

    u know what ki... i hate u bcoz of this kind of joke! coz u olways got me! damn....

  6. -oKKy- Says:

    @glad: haha..dont be mad dunK..the sun is hot in the sky, just Like a giant spot Light gLad... sante...^^

  7. tommy andriyanto Says:

    hahahaha,,impas kalian.

    Kemaren aku juga ada pengalaman dashayat ngobrol ma bule.

    Belive it or not,, kita ngobrol pake bahasa Jawa. Krama Inggil pula.

    gokil abis tu bule.

    Keep the joke,, teman.

    The right and happy man,, on the right and happy place.

  8. -oKKy- Says:

    @TA: haha..i like ur quote 'the right and happy man on the right and happy place'..should be happy for that.. LIKE THIS!!