the new song by Beyonce.... it dragged me to the time we used to be together....

Everywhere i'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you're my saving grace

You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

Still...even now we're separated by time and distance...i still can see and feel your halo..^^
Miss you so much...

Thank you for loving me...
I..coro you too...^^

WoW.. it was pretty much fun vacancy i had this time!! great time, great weather, great companions, and everything!! Hahaha...thanks God I could have this time... my trip to Barcelona was really unforgettable. Starting from the very beginning to the very end, it was just excited! The very first was when the group [me,eLik,agnes,Rosi,iiK,jo,n veny] needed to go to the Eindhoven Station.. since me and eLik had to woRk on Sunday, we planned to go to Eindhoven after finishing work.. But, eLik foRgot to bRing his passpoRt with him..so he went home first, took his, and went back to Central Station.. not very good start since the last train to Eindhoven had left..so he had to spend the night in Utrecht whiLe me and others could rest in Tion's doRm... Credit to TioN!=P

The flight from eindhoven to Girona-Barcelona was on time too..it was even 10 minutes earlier than the EAT.. wonder if the pilot will get fined since he drove too fast up there in the sky? kwkkww...^^ afterall, we arrived safely in Girona, so Bus was the next method of transportation to go to the city -red:girona is arround 1hour away from Barcelona- i was sleeping all the journey to Barce since i got not enough sleep.. after 1hour journey, we arrived in the bus station and starting to collect information bout the metro, transportatin, etc etc... the metro station is just in front of the bus station, that was L1 metro that lead us to DiagonaL av, where we stayed in Sant Jordi Hostel..^^

The fiRst thing to do was to take a bit rest and RefResh my seLf with coLd wateR showeR...since the sun shine bRightLy, not too hot, but not cold at aLL...it woRked much..hahaha...^^ afteR tHat, the sagRada famiLy was the next destination...HohoHo, i didn't go inside, it will cost arround 11euRo.. i just tooK some pictuRe in fRont of the buiLding..
The sagRada famiLia itseLf is still on constRuction, and will be done in 20years because it's too complicated...wow!!^^.
Then i went back to the city, roam aRound a LittLe bit..took some pictuRe which is avaiLabLe in my facebook pRofiLe..hahaha... so, the end of day1 i guess..^^
Fiuh..here I am again... nd tau kenapa kok belakangan ini jadi nd begitu ada mood buat nuLis ya...apa karena ud butek ngutek2 skripsi yang mengharuskan untuk menulis kali y..hahah.. mbuh lah.. benere aku baru pulang dari vakancy si... lumayan lah, ngabisin duit dinegeri orang..kalo nd gitu nd abiz abiz duitnya... -seet..sombong mode:0n- wkwkkw... gaK Lah, cm break sejenak dari rutinitas training yang makin hari makin terasa aneh, aneh dengan orang2 anehnya, aneh dengan keadaan anehnya, aneh dengan keputusan2 anehnya... aneh dengan keanehannya.. *geleng2*

kalo mo jujur si...waktu waktu ini bisa dibilang cukup berat buat pikiran.. Mikirin ke depan ini aku mau ngapain...bakal ada dimana.. training disini kira2 tinggal sekitar 4bulan lagi.. then, where will I be? Will I get the same opportunity to extend my stay here? If so, should I take it or no? all of these questions stay still in my mind... disatu sisi, aku pengen bisa extend disini.. lumayan lah bisa earn some money to support my family back there in Indonesia, and also for my future...and my lovely Kuchay also will come for the same program here in Netherland...so we can spend times which we couldn't this 1year... Tapi banyak juga pertimbangan untuk stay disini... belum lagi wisudaku yang molor setahun.. But I don't know.. just like what Cha2 wrote.. "TuHan..aK tau EngKau aKan seLaLu menjaga, memeLiHaRa dan membeRkatiku juga Engkau seLaLu membeRiKan yang teRbaiK daLam Hidupku.." I know that I don't need to worry about everything, eben heizer...sampai disini Tuhan memeliharaku (kita), so why should I worry? Tapi namanya juga manusia...pasti kepikiran.. i'll just rely on my Almight God.. This coming Sunday will be my 3rd time to have opportunity to serve God in CrossRoad... just like the song we'll play.. surrender... I just need to surrender everything to You my Lord.. coz i know that i'm nothing without You..