new tRip
uaheuae...yesterday i was in visit friends of mine i promised.. so, it was actually fulfilling the promise i've madE...^^ It was planned on Thursday, but with the work schedule, i couldn't make it.. so i went to Eindhoven alone.. weks.. got sleep at 3uur the night befoRe, i went there at 9.12uur.. it took about 1.5hour to reach there and i arrived in Eindhoven arround 10.45uur... actually, i wanted to have a tour in Philips Stadion, but it seemed that it was being cleaned and closed...what a pitty not to be able to come i just took photo in front of the back gate...

It's quite funny that i wore my Manchester United jacket whiLe take a pic in front if PSV Eindhoven stadion!! hahaha... [red:this pic was taken by Gladdy, who called Mr.G.Dongalemba =P]...then we -me n glad- went to media markt coz she wanted to look for speaker and a webcam... and i also looked for some new laptop...hahaha... then we went arround in the centrum..the stupid thing is that i forgot to take some picture of Eindhoven's centrum.. but, i like the centrum here more than amsterdam.. it's more like the kalverstraat but the buildings are not as high as what we have in Amsterdam, and the road is much wider... which means, it doesnt look like that crowd when it comes to crowd...mbulet ah..haueae....

Then another picture i took was in front of the Kerk overthere...i dont know what the name of the curch is, but it's very tall building church.. so Glad had to take her effort to make a nice picture..hheehe..sorry glad.. but still, the church is way too high..or my phone camera which is too small..ahahha...

then i visited beek en donk with bus 21 there...quite a long way as well...arround 30minutes or so... having some rest and some drink we bought in Eindhoven...zoet and droog witte wijn and some snacks..but no meal...sigh.. but that's ok..=P and when the time has come for me to go back, it was freaking cold outside there!! and actually Indri wanted to go to Eindhoven Central as well, but it was too late...becoz the next train will bring me to A.Central iso A.Rai... and also they wont be able to head back to Eindhoven..another poor things that i didnt take any picture with Indri...T_____T So we took a pic from the last halte waiting for the bus21, got cold out there.. umm, i just like this pic, with no other effect, it's a bit blur and yellow..hahah...tevaleg..^^ [Glad, u look like japanese! hahaha...]

and also i've got some other accident -well actually it's not a big deal- that i overslept in the train... i should have overstappen in Utrecht Central to catch the stop trein to Amsterdam Rai..but since i i arrived safely in Amsterdam i had to catch the metro 51 back from A.Central to A.Rai...and biking back to Nierstraat about 7minutes away... ah..what a tiring but nice day... hahha... thanks God for the day...

-to be continued on the next trip...^^-

nb: I also would like to say Selamat Idul Fitri to anyone who celebrate it...^^ Mohon maaf lahir dan batin... God Bless you all!!

new wanted stuff

this is my next stuff to buy! been targeting this gadget since the first time i arrived here...the price was 999euro but i found the one in a shop with 899 euro... 100euro cheaper is a lot man! hahhaha... hope i can afford it within the next couple weeks.. and it is not sold out yet!! just wait for being mine!! [^^]v

some specs are : Intel processor core2duo T550/1.83GHz (dual core), 4G internal memory+320GB ATA 5400rpm harddisk, 128 MB nVidia GeForce 8400M GS video card, monitor 14.1' inches - 2.5kg weight, webcam integral, bluetooth, and windows vista home premium...and include the laptop tas..^^

worth it? i DO hope so...
new missused word by me?
uaheae...blooper? or another stupidity by me? ahh... what a crazy words...

"Excuse me..maybe you want to "CHECK" a look at the dessert menu?" [then i suddenly think...shoot...i'd rather say "TAKE" a look than "CHECK" a look... jaahh....]

"sir, is everything fine here? do you want to have another bitter MELON?" [auyheuhaea...STUUPIIDD!! have you had a drink named bitter melon?? it is bitter LEMON man!!! niet melon...kwkwkw... i think i've got depressed by those king... ckckkc... (-.- )( -.-)
new haiR
aahhh..finally, i cut my hair for the first time here... it was quite strange here.. i had been tried to lengthen my hair here but it seemed that it took longer time than when i was in Indonesia... Could it be caused by the different weather? I wonder..hahaha.. anyway this picture was taken couple days before i cut my hair, with Andrew... He looks like the first brother in Shaolin soccer... does he?=P
and this is the picture from Shaolin soccer...take a look... or he is the one who played in the movie?? what a coincidence....XD...~~uaheuae...quite same, eh?^^
and the happening moment was when i went early on a day to take a look at the laptop i really want and arrived in Indrapura too early (arround 3 uur or so) then i remembered Tante Paula told me to have a hair cut in China Town named Trendy.. how much i had to pay? 13 euRo... so if it's changed into rupiah, it was arround 156k.. How much i used to pay in Bali? arround 15k.. [1.5euro!!] hahaha... what a big different... ahh, anyway, this is my new picture...

uaheuae...kind of narcism of me now...auehuaea... much more better than the old one isnt it?? i just couldnt take anymore mess with my hair... lost my patience....uahehuae..i think i've waited too long...3months and only grew that long...gosh... wesss wes... reseeeh maannnn!! [kata tante linda...wkwkwkkwkw]

well...that's all foLks! thanks for dropping by... GOd Bless you!!! (",)

new message received
"U Like a STAR FAR to SEE, so CLOSE in my HEART... I dont care how FAR u are...becoz..Love is always Love..never betrayed, always together..GBu un..^^"
new stupidity -it's a must!-
on the way home from indrapura to nierstraat, heavy rain was outside, we were on the tram4..
okky : gila..strippen card kok abiz cm buat naek tram n metro doank...
joko : ooo gobLok koen!
both: hauehuaea....

nb: strippen card disini emang dipake buat naek tram n metro...^^
new picture

Niersstraat family..once again took picture in the warm living room..^^ from left side, me, joko, agre, teguh, alit, elik, and sitting in the front were marsella and mulfi.. anyway, those twin boys teguh and elik had just cut their hair each other...i supposed to be botak as well, but i want to lengthen my hair here... hahaha... for anton, your jacket was fenomenal! everybody agreed it as a very good jacket..^^

happy birthday anyway for Joko [2/9], Agre [6/9], and Elik [10/9], all the best for you guys! we have still 10 or so more months here.. looking forward to what will happen here..hahaha...
new star

Well after a long speculation, the new star had finally arrived in Old Trafford, he is Dimitar Berbatov -27 y.o-, and he will wear #9 replacing Louis Saha who now join Everton. Upon becoming a United player, Dimitar told "Joining Manchester United is a dream come true for me. I look forward to playing my part in helping this club win more honours in the years to come." He also added that trophies means more to him than money.
The new star has arrived... Will they aim for another treble winners this year?
Glory Glory Man United!!