new picture

Niersstraat family..once again took picture in the warm living room..^^ from left side, me, joko, agre, teguh, alit, elik, and sitting in the front were marsella and mulfi.. anyway, those twin boys teguh and elik had just cut their hair each other...i supposed to be botak as well, but i want to lengthen my hair here... hahaha... for anton, your jacket was fenomenal! everybody agreed it as a very good jacket..^^

happy birthday anyway for Joko [2/9], Agre [6/9], and Elik [10/9], all the best for you guys! we have still 10 or so more months here.. looking forward to what will happen here..hahaha...
2 Responses
  1. masanton Says:

    hehehehe, thanks bro :)

    emang, cakep banget tuh jaket, bukan orangnya loh ya, wkwkwkwkwkwkwk...

    peace!! ^^

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    aheuaheuae.. tapi kalo dikombinasikan dengan orangnya, lebih cakep Lho ton! kwkwk....