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Hi, I'm Okky Hidayat, I like sea turtle much.. This blog's name also umigame, japanesse means sea turtle as well. If people ask me why i like sea turtle, I have my own analogy for this. When the mama laid her egg on the beach, she will just covered it with the sand of the beach and go back to the sea.. By the time the egg hatches, the baby sea turtle will -instinctively- try their best to reach the sea. Some predator will try to eat them... The survivors still have to struggle to reach the sea...swept away by the wave to the shore, they will again get back to their position, try their best to reach the sea.. Some who were in the sea, will get their predator in the sea.. until they are mature enough to feed themselves..and become adult sea turtle.. 

The baby sea turtle represents me while the sea represents my dream... 

anyhow, in Chinese, sea turtle means Hai Kui.. and they have their meaning as well.. For the one who went abroad for study or working, by the time they come back to China, people will call them Hai Kui.. -just like after adult sea turtle laid their egg, and come back to the sea- much story from this sea turtle stuff...^^ That's why I like sea turtle..that's why my alias is penyoe.. and those -a dainty hokey pokey- things is also the anagram of -okky penyoe hidayat- [ups, mom n dad..sorry, didnt mean to change the name you have given to me..^^]