Lullaby's Poem for an angeL -some miracles-

Gisteren was je zo vrolijk,
vandaag lach je ook weer olijk.
Maar morgen brengt weer zijn zorgen,
ja,zelfs ook nog overmorgen.
wordt het een week vol van drigen?
Wordth het een maand van seringen?

Seconden, minuten, uren, dagen :
het is vergeefs rijkdom na te jagen.
Weken en maanden, jaren en jaren:
beter is het wijsheid te vergaren.

Slaap mijn leifje,
sluimet in God's handen,
laat je vredeslichtje
altijd branden

-You were happy yesterday...even today you were laughing so... But tomorrow will have its difficulty...even the day after tomorrow so..-
-will this week be busy? will this month be masky?-'s useless to look after richness-
-weeks..months...and's better to look after wisdom-

-sleep well my darling..sweet in God's hand...let your light of peace glows-
Famous famous person...a miracle,,
The strong one doesn't win... The one that wins is strong... -The Emperor, Franz Beckenbauer-

The only person who can miss a kick from the penalty mark, is a person who has enough courage the kick one.. -Roberto Baggio, Italy-

Pretty some words for me...

I just..miss home..wanting to win these I can be strong...
suRpRising!! This is how peopLe appreciate on what we wRite and what we think with our writing...^^ the award!! i've got this award from adek...^^ actually it's been a while that we made some contact since she was very busy -in my opinion- then i went to check her blog and found that i really got the award.,,ahahaha...^^ thanks for d award dek! keep blogging and sharing some new..^^ this is the award...

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  1. cen-cen's, thank you for "following me" here...^^ Looking forward to meet you again one day....Take caRe n GBu!!
  2. adek's, i award you back!! ahahaha...actually if i've got this award from sum1 else...i'll still give this award to you...^^
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that's for the award i could give coz it is limited for 7 blogs all my are precious to my msn shout says "minna no okage...boku ga hitoRi daKe janai...." thanks a lot paLs!! God Bless you aLL!!
d miRacLe oF PATHE!
pathe! what is pathe! ? actually...i dont really know about PATHE!'s just cinema! aka Bioskop gitu Lho..wkwkkww.. so it's likE gallery21 or so.. but they have a certain just pay about 19-20Euro per month then we can just go to pathe! to watch all of the movie...and if you get the can watch the movie,for pathe! of i know that there is one in Amsterdam and one in Belmer...but the one i went for today was in Amsterdam..since im not member yet, i paid 6.5euro for the movie... not bad...since the my own opinion....hohoho...

the tickeT box from the can also see what movie you want to watch on the big screen...
the auto teller machine...

the caFe downstairs...there is one upstair to sell popcorn and stuff like that...^^

u've got also free playstation3 n psp station for killing time waiting the movie...hohoo...

ini pose bareng si kungfu panda....hayah...wkkwkw...^^

Last but not Least...the theatRe!!! [got it from the site] hohoh..pretty big screen..isnt it?

actually...the movie i watched was HANCOCK...nice movie anyway...hahaha..but im not going to review the movie here...i think..hahaha...^^

d miRacLe of Sea PaLace
Sea Palace....the floating restaurant..where the party of Ho Kai Yen's son took place..all of the stagiaire in Amsterdam were invited but from the Veranda coz they had to work since veranda-sea palace is quite far... the dishes were outrageous as i Remember, there were Lobster, babi pork, pecking duck, and some others delicious food...hohoho...must be verv expensive to eat here and to held a party inviting hundred people...wew..

the stagiaire from nierstraat are Teguh, Marsella, Agre, Alit, Elik, n Me... whiLe the others were the saxophone guys n the lady....and i wore the batik...originally from Indonesia...hohohoh...kind of proud to be able to wear the traditional suit from Indonesia... Lucky us, that no idea for wearing balinesse suit would be hard to ride bike with baju bodo,uden, kamen, n saput...from nierstraat to sea palace... Hui...^^
eniwei..tomorrow will be a hard day...have to work in de VeRanda from 10am until ouR Best guys!!!
d miRacLe of the jouRney
It's a long long journey
Till I know where I'm supposed to be
It's a long long journey
And I don't know if can believe
When shadows fall and block my eyes
I am lost and know that I must hide
It's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to You

Many days I've spent driffing on
Through empty shores
Wondering what's my purpose
wondering how to make me strong
I know I will falter , I know I will cry
And I need to be close to You
Sometimes it feels no one understand
I don't even know why I do the things I do
when prides builds me up till I can't see my soul
Will you break down this walls and pull me through

Cause it's a long long journey
till I feel that I'm worth the price
You paid for me on calvary
beaneath those stromy skies

When satan mocks and friends turn to foes
It feels like everthing is out to make me lose control
IT's a long long journey
Till i find my way home to You
-AngeLa Zhang-
d miRacLe oF FRiendster's comment...
aih,,baLesane cepet temen,..koyo JeT..(--" garing..
rusa hidung merah??moso sih?aku ndeloke hidung biru ik..hwaa..selama ini aku buta warna biru brarti!..(--" garing maneh..
thanGz nomore,,wih kok Xl ik..kmu gak kawin ma kambing toh??hehe...(--" gar***
awakmu saiki neng ndi?awake thok..sikil karo tangane rak tak takokke..hahaha..(muga2 rak garing (--")

comment fRom Christiyani... on 03/27/2008 2:42 pm...
piLih mana?? gaRing ato nda??
d miRacLe of the 3 personnen

actually, this photo was taken bout 2weeks ago in the trip to aRena...but i just havent got any time to post it... so...we are the 3 Semarangvers [emang ada y??=P] who "get Lost" in Holland in this year's FER joining program... this meeting is actually come not by accident coz i know that there is a plan behind these all.. person on that picture are Me, Icha, n Arnold.. me and Icha were on the same church and both of us were on the same's been a long time ago until we graduated from high school and took the same major of Hotel Management.. Im in Bali..whiLe she's in Surabaya...both of us know the chance to go to Holland... but never thought to join this program together.. remember the text was when i've got accepted and either she, "Let's meet in HoLLand!!" but we met in Singapore since the flight was connecting... whiLe aRnold is a good friend from the same college I attend, Dhyana Pura... the green campus..actually we've been travelling together..2years ago we were in the same resort in Grand View Lodge Minnesota.. we had a good time as well overthere.. but for this time, i will be in Amsterdam while he'll be in Ousterhoud...[dunno if the spell was correct^^] and the interesting part is... arnold and icha were in the same school of senior high!! what a coincidence!! hahahha.... say good luck for us!! God bLess us....
anyway, this picture was taken with 2 cameras...i think i and arnold looked another camera...gees..
d miRacLe of Amsterdam's asphaLt
yeeeeeeeeeep!!! seteLah sekian lama tidak jatuh..aKhiRnya aKu jatuH juga.. [maksude apa jaL?] jadi begini ceRitanya...kemaren itu aku dapet sepeda baRu merk batavus yang katanya harga barunya sampe seribu euro [mbuh bener or nda], nah terus kita beRempat -joko,mulfi,elik, n me- pulanglah menunggang sepeda kebanggaan masing-masing...waktu pada saat itu menunjukkan pukul 12 lewat berapa menit mbuh aku lupa..[--"] berhubung capek abis keRja,tapi semangat karena dapet sepeda baru..ya kitapun puLang dengan tanpa rasa capek..[Lho? tadi katanya capek..sing bener sing ndi seh....] nyampe di perempatan mana itu mbuh nda tau, kita berhenti karena lampu merah...terus begitu ijo, ya gontelnya agak cepet lha wong itu jalannya naek kaya jembatan...eeeaLah Lha kok tau tau joko ngerem nda bilang-bilang dulu... jebulnya rem tanganku nda paKem n karena lagi ngenjot kenceng, otakku nda konek kalo itu pit goltrap...njlunguplah aku beserta sepeda batavus warna kuningku menghujam aspal amsterdam... ckckckkck... lututku jadi korban, yang eman karena celana panjang hitam kado dari cha2 juga ikut bolong dipake buat ngamplas aspal.... wah...mborok lagi wes....

yah...inilah dengkul baruku.... untungnya, hari ini n besok aku i have 2days to at least dry up the wound... dudut daH... tadi ketemu juga ma mbok dewi dibilang..ngapain pulang pake celana kerja?? waH...itu karena mau dicuci abiz kerja..tapi untungnya aku nda pake jeans... lha kalo pake jeans, terus jadi sobek juga gitu...aku ga punya katoK jalan lak disini?? fiuh...tadi akhirnya aku beli celana panjang di HnM..2biji...40 euRo...kalo dirupiahkan?? 600rban! hewenk...0_o.. bejo duitnya diganti indrapura... halah.... ud baik baik nda pernah njlungup...njlungup pisan kok di Amsterdam...tapi yo gagah seh...( -.-)(-.- )( -.-)(-.- )

d miracLe oF ayam-bebeK-entoK

"ayam ayam ayam..bebeK... BebeK bebeK bebeK...entoK.... ayam di entoK
bebeK..bebek dientoK ayam...ayam bebeK...entoK-entoKan..."

HoHo..singing this song dragged me to 2005 where it was for the first time to be sung on IWC idea at all, suddenly i saw ayam and bebek and Boom!! That's it.. what surprised me is that those song is being "transferred" to the next IWC..ahahhaa..what a silly song... anyway, lagu itu jg jadi lagu pre-opening bon avond di stayokay, 1day before all of the owners pick us up and bring us to our company to be..heheheh.. we from kamar18, were Bernard, Arnold, Ical, me, and Chris... ours were Tari Saman from aceh..ala kadarnya sih... liriknya aja cm didingpadiding..ooiii..dindingpadiding.... trus disambung sama gunung mbak mega para na bui..ato apa lah gitu aku lupa...hauehuaeua..then kita share dikit tentang what we think, what we feel, about the last summer course...

yappp....tRUs last songnya itu i'LL be missing you'nya sapa mbuh nda tau...hauehuaea...singing that song aLso brought ma memories back to the time with ma LuvLy hunny.. huhuhu...miss heR so much..also ma big fRiend... weLL..this week ud kerja... capeknya capek ngonteL piT..wkwkwkkw.. dudut ma dudut...oooo..dudut ma duduuut.. haLah....