suRpRising!! This is how peopLe appreciate on what we wRite and what we think with our writing...^^ the award!! i've got this award from adek...^^ actually it's been a while that we made some contact since she was very busy -in my opinion- then i went to check her blog and found that i really got the award.,,ahahaha...^^ thanks for d award dek! keep blogging and sharing some new..^^ this is the award...

and this is the rule...:

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

and with this award, i want to give my appreciation to them whose blog inspired me much and made me think outside the box.. thanks for everything.. they are..
  1. cen-cen's, thank you for "following me" here...^^ Looking forward to meet you again one day....Take caRe n GBu!!
  2. adek's, i award you back!! ahahaha...actually if i've got this award from sum1 else...i'll still give this award to you...^^
  3. mas anton's, lancar-lancar bisnisnya pak de! sayang aku ga bisa ikut reuni..salam buat anak2 ya....
  4. scott mcLean's, Love is foreveR scott!! you ensured me of it! hope to see you one day...take caRe n GBu^^
  5. vaRenZ's, weLcome to blog woRLd my friend...^^ GBu!
  6. pineappLe's, the jaZZ of Praise....aLL foR HIS gLory ya...^^
  7. Zsa's, although we dont know each other, sum of ur writings reflect me to my childhood memories..^^ take care n GBu...^^
that's for the award i could give coz it is limited for 7 blogs all my are precious to my msn shout says "minna no okage...boku ga hitoRi daKe janai...." thanks a lot paLs!! God Bless you aLL!!
3 Responses
  1. CC Says:

    Hiks hiks Huaaaaa.... *terharu...

  2. utine Says:

    thanks okky...... :D hoho... maybe i'll do it soon i have time.. thanks yaaaaa... God speed u! :D

  3. Zsa Zsa Says:

    wah .. thanks loh udah dikasih award. masa kecilku emang seru. namanya juga anak desa, maenannya laen sama anak2 kota. saat mereka udah pada maen gameboy, gw masih maen patil lele or gobak sodor :)