d miRacLe of the 3 personnen

actually, this photo was taken bout 2weeks ago in the trip to aRena...but i just havent got any time to post it... so...we are the 3 Semarangvers [emang ada y??=P] who "get Lost" in Holland in this year's FER joining program... this meeting is actually come not by accident coz i know that there is a plan behind these all.. person on that picture are Me, Icha, n Arnold.. me and Icha were on the same church and both of us were on the same ministry...it's been a long time ago until we graduated from high school and took the same major of Hotel Management.. Im in Bali..whiLe she's in Surabaya...both of us know the chance to go to Holland... but never thought to join this program together.. remember the text was when i've got accepted and either she, "Let's meet in HoLLand!!" but we met in Singapore since the flight was connecting... whiLe aRnold is a good friend from the same college I attend, Dhyana Pura... the green campus..actually we've been travelling together..2years ago we were in the same resort in Grand View Lodge Minnesota.. we had a good time as well overthere.. but for this time, i will be in Amsterdam while he'll be in Ousterhoud...[dunno if the spell was correct^^] and the interesting part is... arnold and icha were in the same school of senior high!! what a coincidence!! hahahha.... say good luck for us!! God bLess us....
anyway, this picture was taken with 2 cameras...i think i and arnold looked another camera...gees..
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