wine cap
Could you guys see it clearly? It's quite a coincidence that I have this wine cap written my special number on the top of it.. It's Italian San Marino D'Abruzzo, 19187 I had with Adi, Silva, and Christina..The night before Christina went back to Korea... Spent only a bottle, we had a bit damage on our brain, since the party for Gold Cider took place an hour before..a bit too much alcohol contains in the blood

Adi came out later alone, since we tried to call Lisa to know that she was sleeping..and of course at that time her mother was in Shanghai..  

Anyway, the wine is good..and I should have kept the cap for my lucky number..19187, it's my birthday, isnt it?

miss understood
it's quite interesting to know how communication between two person with different background, different culture, different language, could lead in a misunderstanding situation.. how funny to realize how childish we are, bringing the ego of ourselves in our point of view..without regardless try to put our feet in their shoes.. 

hei, we still have a long to go, don't we? through difficulties, the bond will become unbreakable.. every moment that spent together shall be priceless..

and above all, the words misunderstood will be slowly turn into an understandable solution and matters. 

cheers, my miss understood!