weiRd yet caLming

She was just calling to say hi and hear his weird yet calming voice...
For him, it is a weird yet calming message...
so he smiled...
"He opened his eyes and woke up..while trying to memorize what his dream was about..still he couLdn't find out.. aLL he knows, she was's been 4days in a Row for is the 4th days..and still he couldn't understand why.. a popped up message on his phone,wRitten up there of her name..He was smiLing..realizing lateR that tear dRop had faLLen fRom his eyes...'s undeniable foR him..."

Roam arround
so this is my first day off in Shanghai...pRetty tiRed day jg.. haha... off sama keRja kok sama capenya..weLL at Least I've roamed arround about some littLe paRt of this giant city...^^ Ling2 took me out off to the peaRL toweR...the centRaL point by the wellknown "THE BUND", just like a big canal in Shanghai.. it's not the tallest building in the city, but it is the symbol of the town.. so, here is the picture...

then by the bund, i've got the best spot to take a picture..weLL anyway, it's not the best time to take a pic, since it would be better if i do it on the night.. haha.. it's fine anyway..^^ the pose is also so standard pose which is make it worse..haha..

and afteR that... i went to the number 580 buiLding in some place i forget the name...haha.. aLL so chinesse i can't even say it right...^^ anyway, it just to be said as 'Let's go to 580'.. and you know what i've got? one new TAG HEUER glasses...foR 250Y...ckckck.. weLcome to China my man...#1 faKe countRy in the woRLd.. hahaha..

so, moRe to be roamed next weeK!
the Man that Rocks the WoRLd - one piece#564

is about Pops, the old whitebeaRd who gain all of his squad and pirate's tRust and Love... tRying to save his 'son' ace...he pushes foRwaRd against marine headquaRteR...

woow...the man who rocks the worLd.. i want to be someone that rocks the woRld as weLL!! don't u know it? i might be aLone heRe..but i know that God is now heRe...^^

it's a dream..and i have stepped my fiRst step thRough it..i'm going to be A MAN that ROCKS THE WORLD!! YAY!!!

anyway...don't u know that i miss you as haRd as the way i push my dReaM?^^
temporary's been a whiLe.. anyway, foR anyone..just want to tell you that i might be away temporary due to the internet connection and my work time scheduLe...

God BLess you aLL!!
The moRe we tRaveL, tHe moRe we see and appReciate tHe vaRiety...fRom Asia to AfRica..From Latin America to the middLe East, and fRom euRope to NoRth AmeRica.. and with the ceLebRation of diveRsity comes the ReaLisation tHat human Have moRe in common tHan its obvious..
we aLL cRy, Laugh, eaT, woRRy, and diE...we aRe aLL toucHed by music, we cheeR foR tHose wHo figHt as a team and we aLL seek happiness.. tHe dReams may diffeR..but we aLL dReam... tHe HoPes may be vaRy...but we aLL Hope.. we may haVe diFFeRent beLieF..but we aLL beLieve...

so we aRe not, afteR aLL, a meLting pot..but a beautifuL,muLti faceted mozaic oF dReams, hoPes, and yeaRnings...

taken from an article in Singapore Airlines in-fLight magazine

Fufufufu... get back in heRe again.. seteLah peRjaLanan cukup panjang which tooK LongeR than usuaL...yaP, semaRang-ciLacap in aLmost 12houRs!! hahaha... yaP! Jadi ceRitanya 2hari Lalu itu aku nyetiRin oRang gereja, dia ada pRoyek di CiLacap...begitu sampe di PurbaLingga, ada masaLah dengan ban kanan mobiL..jadi kami caRi bengkeL terus menunggu 'agak' lama disana kaRena ondeRdiL yang susah dicaRi dan sebagainya.. karena nunggunya Lama, aKu mbetuLin hp seKaLian, service2 gt soaLnya emang ini hp ud agaK saRap..ketuLaRan yg paKe kaLi ye? hehehe.. abiz itu, Pak Yo beLiin nescafe latte kotaK oR apaLah itu namanya.. seteLah ditenggaK abiz..cLingaK cLinguk caRi sampah buat buang kotaknya.. KETEMU!! keRen cuy tempat sampaHnya.. ukuRan kota keciL se-PURBALINGGA, tempat sampaHnya kaya gini :

NaH Lo!! KeRen kan? Ada sampah basaH sampaH keRing segaLa..buset..di SemaRang aja Langka nemu kaya gini neH... cKckCk..jaN ndesopoLitan kok semaRang kota aTLas ini.. hahaHa.. SecaRa diKeteRangannya sampaH PLastiK masuK sampah keRing.. aLhasiL kotaK kopinya taK buang kotaK kanan.. 'PLUNG!' aKu mbaLiK ke counteR HP tempat nyeRvis.. pas baLiK badaN, mata ini meLihat suatu pemandangan yg janggaL..

PeRasaan tadi aKu ud beneR nyempLungin samPahnya...kenapa itu kotaK bisa diluaR lagi ya?? heRan... ada yg saLah dengan tempat sampaHnya ini pasTi.. buKan suLap buKan sihiR cuy! kaRena penasaRan..tak intiPLah itu tempat sampaH...

ajeB...jebuLe bin teRnyata... tempat sampaHnya boLong... aKu teRgataK...(red:teRtipu) eRR..tapi ini diPURBALINGGA kok.. gapapa... aHaHaha...^^

seteLaH kejadian kotaK sampah ini.. hujan deRes mengguyuR PuRbaLingga sekitaR 1jam.. enaK cuy, isis n adeM jadinya.. bisa memejamKan mata mesKi sekejuK... uenak tenaan buat recHarge mata yg mesti Lanjut kuRang Lebih 2jam peRjaLanan ke ciLacaP..
Coincidence is a smaLL miRacLe fRom God...^^

So..if you find yourself that you have had tons of coincidences..than you've aLready got tons of's spontaneous and can't be summoned..
It comes by themselves..

hei dudE, do u see that?
LiFe is bRighteR than what you think it is...
and woRLd is wideR than what you see it is...^^
meniLik tentang postingan sebeLumnya tentang beLok kiRi (belom tentu) jaLan teRus dan si Sapi yang jadi bingung kaRena nd td tau mesti kasi richting oR ndaK.. kaLi ini mungKin si sapi mesti miKir lebih banyaK Lagi kaLo lewat peRtigaan peduRungan..

weLL..coba diLihat Rambu lampu meRah dibawah ini.. yang oRang aja mungkin jadi bingung... apaLagi sapi ya?

mungkin rambu ini aRtinya : Sing meh ngiRi babLas entuK, sing meh mandeK nggih monggo.. [yang mau teRus kekiRi boLeH,yang mau beRhenti juga siLaHKeun]
daLam hati mbatin sambiL gedek gedek geleng-geleng ..iki pieeee jaLLL???

Setuju dengan pendapat kang penyoE?
isn't it?
Yaaaaaaaaaap!! novembeR is coming, and I am still here in Indonesia.. fiuH, whiLe waiting my progress to woRk in Shanghai, i found out lot of stuff...weLL... at least I more or less, understand how hard life is here home... oke, anyway, I'll just skip this and tell about some stoRies..

It was back then on summer this year [it's been summer all the year though] when ELwin, Intan, Mervyn, Chris, and I had spent time together in one occassion, we were on Kelapa, the new entertainment house in Uluwatu.. after all chit chatting, it happened that we agreed for someone to be very hot..yes, they said -i did too- "those girL is HOT" ahahha.. Here comes the challenge..

M : Hei oKKy, why don't you go theRe..ask heR name..or at least have sum chat with her...
O : eH? why me?
M : aaaah..cmon oKKy!! show us youR guts...!! She is sitting there alone! come approach heR!
aLL : yaaaa..cmon oKky!!
O : what??!! why me?? hahaha.. hmm..weLL... Let me thinK...
E : 'ndes...sampeRi aE!! ra po po ra....'
O : 'teKKe...Lha meh ngomong opo win??'
C : 'cmon this once for us..

*took some time for to finally agreed on those challenge..hehehe..

O : weLL... i'm going there!!
all : yeaaaH!!!

[red: I didn't know that Intan took the picture while i was i will post the picture]

and yes, she was sitting there alone, taking sum I came, said some retorica question.. 'Hey..It's beautifuL..isn't it?'
and all staRted fRom those pathetic i won the chaLLenge... -but i didnt have chance to ask foR heR name =p-

anyway, come to thinK of it.. at that feeLing was was mixed aLtogetheR.. wHat a feeLing human couLd have... sunset at KeLapa aLways brings me dReams n hoPes... that I wiLL one day go tHeRe again..togetheR...^^

sunset in beautifuL..isn't it?