"He opened his eyes and woke up..while trying to memorize what his dream was about..still he couLdn't find out.. aLL he knows, she was's been 4days in a Row for is the 4th days..and still he couldn't understand why.. a popped up message on his phone,wRitten up there of her name..He was smiLing..realizing lateR that tear dRop had faLLen fRom his eyes...'s undeniable foR him..."

6 Responses
  1. CC Says:

    Whats up boys ?? Hope u can find strength in Him ^^

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    iya cen...sangKyu...^^

  3. Scott McLean Says:

    I like that a lot. How are you? I hope you have a very happy and satisfying trip there. Take care.


  4. -oKKy- Says:

    haha..sumtime it was just a loneLy feeLing, but it's fine.. thanks scott... take caRe n GBu too..^^

  5. lil shell is here! Says:

    wah..smangat yaa.. ^^
    ga pernah sendiri kog..

    "buluh yg patah terkulai takkan pernah dipatahkan,,
    sumbu yg pudar nyalanya takkan pernah dipadamkan..
    sadarilah bahwa kau takkan pernah sendiri..
    ada Yesus yg slalu peduli.. "


  6. -oKKy- Says:

    @Lil : hey, thanks a Lot..^^