Roam arround
so this is my first day off in Shanghai...pRetty tiRed day jg.. haha... off sama keRja kok sama capenya..weLL at Least I've roamed arround about some littLe paRt of this giant city...^^ Ling2 took me out off to the peaRL toweR...the centRaL point by the wellknown "THE BUND", just like a big canal in Shanghai.. it's not the tallest building in the city, but it is the symbol of the town.. so, here is the picture...

then by the bund, i've got the best spot to take a picture..weLL anyway, it's not the best time to take a pic, since it would be better if i do it on the night.. haha.. it's fine anyway..^^ the pose is also so standard pose which is make it worse..haha..

and afteR that... i went to the number 580 buiLding in some place i forget the name...haha.. aLL so chinesse i can't even say it right...^^ anyway, it just to be said as 'Let's go to 580'.. and you know what i've got? one new TAG HEUER glasses...foR 250Y...ckckck.. weLcome to China my man...#1 faKe countRy in the woRLd.. hahaha..

so, moRe to be roamed next weeK!
5 Responses
  1. CC Says:

    hahaha.. tired b ut stiillll bisa take pic ha?? its a must habbit ? kekeke
    Btw Good for u! Hope u can find a better life there... teker lil bro!

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    hahaha..weLl actuaLLy i didnt want to taKe sum, but my fRiend insisted me to do so...=D

    thanks matteR how big i've gRown,i will be still ur LiL bRo anyway..hahaha.. GBu fuLL!!

  3. lil'shell-is-coming-again.. xp Says:

    uda lm ga liat nih..

    nice pic.. ^^
    byk2 foto yaa, baek utk ksehatan tuh..

    hev a great life there...

  4. Phi Says:

    huahuahuhua good to see you alive and well since I dont get to talk to you much anymore =( anyways.. roam around? you make yourself sound like a chicken. hahahahahahahahahaha

  5. -oKKy- Says:

    @lil sheLL : haha..baiK buat kesehatan? daRi maRs?=D
    @phi : kwkwkw..maybe..i'm a chicKen...^.^"