Coincidence is a smaLL miRacLe fRom God...^^

So..if you find yourself that you have had tons of coincidences..than you've aLready got tons of's spontaneous and can't be summoned..
It comes by themselves..

hei dudE, do u see that?
LiFe is bRighteR than what you think it is...
and woRLd is wideR than what you see it is...^^
4 Responses
  1. rachmat Says:

    I think it's depend on our main set and our vision, even the real life is cruel but if we think positive then just be sure positive impact will coming (brighter than we think)

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    hei, u've got it right man..^^

  3. lil' shell :) Says:

    i like this~

    brarti i'm a miracLe girl donk,,


    enjoy d coincidence...

    ps. nice pic! ^^

  4. -oKKy- Says:

    haha..just Like ur thumb on facebook.. LiKe this!=D
    weLL,if u thinK that u're miracle giRL...tHen u aRe..^^