isn't it?
Yaaaaaaaaaap!! novembeR is coming, and I am still here in Indonesia.. fiuH, whiLe waiting my progress to woRk in Shanghai, i found out lot of stuff...weLL... at least I more or less, understand how hard life is here home... oke, anyway, I'll just skip this and tell about some stoRies..

It was back then on summer this year [it's been summer all the year though] when ELwin, Intan, Mervyn, Chris, and I had spent time together in one occassion, we were on Kelapa, the new entertainment house in Uluwatu.. after all chit chatting, it happened that we agreed for someone to be very hot..yes, they said -i did too- "those girL is HOT" ahahha.. Here comes the challenge..

M : Hei oKKy, why don't you go theRe..ask heR name..or at least have sum chat with her...
O : eH? why me?
M : aaaah..cmon oKKy!! show us youR guts...!! She is sitting there alone! come approach heR!
aLL : yaaaa..cmon oKky!!
O : what??!! why me?? hahaha.. hmm..weLL... Let me thinK...
E : 'ndes...sampeRi aE!! ra po po ra....'
O : 'teKKe...Lha meh ngomong opo win??'
C : 'cmon this once for us..

*took some time for to finally agreed on those challenge..hehehe..

O : weLL... i'm going there!!
all : yeaaaH!!!

[red: I didn't know that Intan took the picture while i was i will post the picture]

and yes, she was sitting there alone, taking sum I came, said some retorica question.. 'Hey..It's beautifuL..isn't it?'
and all staRted fRom those pathetic i won the chaLLenge... -but i didnt have chance to ask foR heR name =p-

anyway, come to thinK of it.. at that feeLing was was mixed aLtogetheR.. wHat a feeLing human couLd have... sunset at KeLapa aLways brings me dReams n hoPes... that I wiLL one day go tHeRe again..togetheR...^^

sunset in beautifuL..isn't it?
3 Responses
  1. lil' princess ^^ Says:


    anda telah membuktikan kebenaran moto iklan sebuah sabun yang berbunyi,,
    "tidak takuuut"
    huahaha.. =p

    just for fun.. ^^

  2. KucingTengil Says:

    WAKAKAKAKKAAKKA... what a lame conversation. just that you got hahahah kidding... :P

  3. -oKKy- Says:

    @LiL : ada noda ya ga beLajaR..=D
    @mia : ehehe..someone has to do it anyway...^0^