Return to Ravenhearst
waaahh..this is the last hidden object that has been waiting for all of the MCF fans! finally the game has been released on 27th of November... and i've just beat it!! hahaha.... but i skipped 2 puzzle and that was so pity...

Total playing hour for me was 8hours something..but it was worth it anyway..hihihi... the return to ravenhearst started when the detective thought he was finished the case on Ravenhearst manor by freeing Emma's soul.. later on, when he did the case in Madame Fate Caravan, he's been told that Charles's soul will avenge him and he need to be back to Ravenhearst once again since also the queen sent letter about something dark lied in Ravenhearst Manor..

The fact that it is not only Emma's soul but also Rose's and her twin daughter's soul which are burried and need to be freed, bring some more mystery by the presence of Charles' Son, Victor.. How will thedetective reveal this mystery and stop Charles vengeful spirit for good?
The gameplay itself is also being given as the best Big Fish Game ever..different from other Hidden Object games where we will be directed to the scene, we have to roam through many places by ourselves, finding item that will be useful for the clue to open the next door, as well as finding the fact about the manor itself... The puzzles are just as clever and intetive as the past game has, with some more skipping puzzle that allows us to go forward if we got stucked... one that bring this game more is that the attractively and amazingly music composing by the developer..two thumbs up for BFG!

The picture here from above is 3 of the screenshot, which is Victor's house on the cliff, one of the sound puzzle that obviously drove me crazy for some while, and the statue of Emma next to the heart door of Charle's burried soul... well, wondering how good the game is? download and play for 1 hour free or buy this game in here!
You can also review the video of this game here!
Happy gaming!^^

Laskar Pelangi
Mimpi adalah kunci untuk kita menaklukan dunia...beRlarilah tanpa lelah..sampai engkau meraihnya...^^ what a nice and symple lyrics by Nidji.. -i dont really know wheter it is them who wrote the lyric or not^^- anyway, i haven't really finished the novel from hempry, Laskar Pelangi... But..when i heard that this movie is being showed in Indonesia, i really want to watch the movie... gosh!!

I think I will just finish the PDF file of Laskar Pelangi in my flash disk...huhuhu.....

Menarilah dan terus tertawa...
Walau dunia tak seindah suRga...
BersyukuRLah pada yang Kuasa...
Cinta kita di dunia...


-Keep dancing..keep laughing...eventough this world is not as beautiful as heaven...Keep thanking to Him...that ouR Love in this world...Last ForeveR-


well..hoaheoae... finally,i'm back! afteR all the negative effects which had been haunting me for couple days... anyway, i hoPe you are all fine there!^^
what am i gonna write now then? ah..this is my story bout the snow.. hihhi.. my first time to see the snow was 2years ago, when i was still in Grand View Lodge, MN.. That moment is unforgottable...i still remember I shaked my supervisor's body while she was driving the van..I think i was almost crying.. hahaha...^^ then the next day i lied on the white layer on the ground of the parking area... took a picture with Arnold and seemed that i have no longer the sad.. anyway, the memories come up again..yesterday was another snow for me.. well i don't really know if that was the snow or the hagel... but i'll show the picture..^^

Nah,,now it's your opinion to think this as a hagel, or snow...uaheae.. anyway, I just like this Man.Utd jersey! KLOP toch?=P btw,those picture was taken by Joko in front of Indrapura Restaurant... That was freaking cold man! unbelievabLe!!

Lucky me, Benny made me a glass of *something i dont know* that really hit the bar and made me warm..wkwkwkw... thanks for the drink Ben...make me another one! you're the man!! hahaha...^^

And the next journey was to waLk along those cold path to get tram25 with Joko and Elik.. ah..Amsterdam is quite after the hagel, the sun shined very brightly, and then it got rain..and then...I don't care anymore... T_____________T

Sepasang Mata Bola
Hampir malam di Jogja
Ketika keretaku tiba
Remang - remang cuaca
Terkejut aku tiba - tiba

Dua mata memandang
Seakan akan dia berkata
Lindungi aku pahlawan
Daripada Sang Angkara Murka

Sepasang mata bola
Dari balik jendela
Datang dari Jakarta
Nuju medan perwira
Kagumku melihatnya
Sinar sang perwira rela
Hati telah terpikat
Semoga kelak kita berjumpa pula..

UHeuhaea....mbuh kok lagi suka sama lagu ini...ini pasti gara2 Indrapura yang selalu always setiap saat muter lagu keroncongan ala Aryati, Jembatan Merah, Bengawan Solo, dan lain lain termasuk Sepasang Mata Bola... ahh...tapi emang lagu ini selalu terngiang ngiang sejak jaman SD pas ibu-ibu PKK masih suka kumpul arisan trus latian nyanyi lagu ini buat 17an di Lapangan Bandung Bondowoso, sampe sma waktu denger Kristian nyanyi lagu ini tapi versi ngaconya... dan yang heran puLa, sampe sekarangpun diriku nun jauh dari Indonesia, sepasang mata bola dari balik jendela emang tidak lapuk dilekang oleh waktu...ciehh.... btw, tadi sempet juga baca baca di blognya Lepas Stresssssssssssssss! lumayan juga buat melepas stress penat yang tertahan setelah sekian lama..uaheuae.. itu diatas bisa dklik, sapa tau juga situ [red:yang lagi baca] bisa terlepaskan stressnya...

nb:ternyata sepasang mata bola yang ini datengnya dari Semarang, bukan dari Jakarta!! [hear the song here]

Fog and Cold by The Dapper Markt
tuinK! winter time is coming...and nowadays Amsterdam has been covered by the fog badly... while the same thing happens 2days ago.. That was my day off and i planned to go to the Dapper Market, the market that chosen to be the best market in Netherlands last year..can't believe it actually..hahaha... ^^ I went there with Joko and Jessica [JJ?=P], to see how good the stuff there is...and how cheap as well..wkwkw.. weLL, that was good anyway!! hahaha, i've got the 3.5euro flashlight for the bike [Joko got it for 5 in albercuijp!^^] and also the 5euro shirt for my uniform.. uaheuae..not that bad right? one that made it bad was the very thick fog and also it was very cold there! The Global Freezing effect is now hitting me i think...fiuh... Geez..i dont know what the temperature was and i don't want to know, but that was ech coud man!! The problem that I hadn't had my breakfast made the situation worst...ahahha..stupid me... So, we went to KFC to search for the warm place first before deciding to have some meal there...hahaha..and actually we had our lunch there...

and that was the last picture we took before having our lunch by the edge of the street facing the cold river...hahaha.. That was me, Jessica, and Joko... -you should have opened your eyes Ju!=P-

anyway,it was tiring day..and also i've spent much strippen card that day...wew! while we went to Indrapura to have something light..then we went to Harlem..we've never been there, so we decided to visit it as well as accompanied Jessica home... got the pizza and bubur ayam, it was not bad at all to have it as the medicine from the hungry and cold..hahaha... thanks for the meaL jes!!^^ Then we had hurry back to Indrapura to take care of a silly matter and bring some food home and once again catching the tram...What a day.. The point is the day was a gezilleg daag.. Thanks God for it!!^^

nb:Does making the font color into grey put you in fogging atmosphere?=P
Damai Mimpi
Terpancar cahaya..di wajahmu
Lukiskan inginmu
Ajakku kesana ...beri kau senyummu
Sirami...bunga tidurmu

Hanyut relungmu...jiwaku
Terwujud inginku...disudut hatimu
Ragaku terpaku
Taburi...benih cinta

Hanya waktu bisikkan aku
Bawa serta kubermimpi
senyum merekah...indah tersirat
Berpintukan kabut pagi

Saatnya ku ada dalam mimpimu
Kusadari itu terindah darimu
Yang pernah kurasakan

Kini jendela hatimu terbuka
Hembuskan aroma..harum wangi napasmu
Menembus jiwaku selamanya

dedicated for cHiaKi
Kofee Verkeer cap oRang tua?
haaaaaaaaaaaaik!!! Apa kabar dunia? uaheuae... akhiRnya seteLah sekian Lama vakum [well, my last post was on Oct 6th!!] kaRena sibuK mengutaK atiK thesis pLan dan sebagainya... and ditambah fakToR S [SENO -kata tante pauLa-] yaitu nd ada mood ngebLog..hahaha...aneh aneh... buLan ini baKaL seRing seRing apdet waH...^^ TopiK haRi ini adaLah tentang coffee veRkeeR! kopi verkeer sendiri itu berasal dari kata kopi dan verkeer [??] Verkeer itu artinya salah.. jadi, kopi verkeer itu kopi yang salah... Kopi yang teRLaLu banyaK susu itu...kaLo di istiLah dunia perkopian yang laen, mungkin ada yang biLang kopi latte juga...nah semacam itu Lah...

weLL, seteLah sekian Lama diRiku ini beRgeLut dibidang hospitaLity [guaya!!], kaRena baRu kaLi ini mengeRjakan sesuatu yang beRhubungan dengan baR en beveRage...jadi kaLo ada tamu minta kopi saLah, ya tak buatin ae secangkiR kopi -or kadang expresso- dtambah dengan susu panas sampe mbludak... naH, sekarang ini...aKu dapet iLmu baRu dari Patrik -kolega diIndrapura- caRa membuat kopi verkeer baru... 3komponen yang ada yaitu susu, buih susu, n kopi.. Pertama dari susu dingin, buat buih dulu..terus susu mesti dipanasin pwoL... kaLo ud, masukin susu tanpa buih sampe 1/4 or 1/2 geLas jg gpp, abiz itu masukin buih susu...buihnya toK LHo ya... kaLo ud, buat expresso...terus masukin peLan2 ke gelas kopi... ntaR buih susu akan mengikat si hitam peKat [red:kopi] and bakalan membentuk satu lapisan kopi diatas susu...
HasiLnya?? Kopi saLah dengan 3waRna, putih, coklat tua, n coklat muda... biaR jeLas...just Look at this picture...^^

setelah praktek buat ini...Kata patRick... waahh...cantiknya....hahaha... weLL, asiK juga buat kopi salah kaya gini...masalahnya, buat kopi gini butuh waKtu yang rada Lama..kaRena masuKin kopi mesti peLan2...kaLo kondisi restoran Lagi Rame...jangan haRap bisa sempet buat kopi salah gini dengan sempuRna... naH..mengingat, meninjau, dan mempertimbangkan haL teRsebut di atas... kopi saLah ini tak kasi judul kofee veRkeer cap oRang tua [nggawene kudu aLon aLon paK!!=P]... aLon aLon asal keLakon...maar lekker toch?^^ [see the video here]