Fog and Cold by The Dapper Markt
tuinK! winter time is coming...and nowadays Amsterdam has been covered by the fog badly... while the same thing happens 2days ago.. That was my day off and i planned to go to the Dapper Market, the market that chosen to be the best market in Netherlands last year..can't believe it actually..hahaha... ^^ I went there with Joko and Jessica [JJ?=P], to see how good the stuff there is...and how cheap as well..wkwkw.. weLL, that was good anyway!! hahaha, i've got the 3.5euro flashlight for the bike [Joko got it for 5 in albercuijp!^^] and also the 5euro shirt for my uniform.. uaheuae..not that bad right? one that made it bad was the very thick fog and also it was very cold there! The Global Freezing effect is now hitting me i think...fiuh... Geez..i dont know what the temperature was and i don't want to know, but that was ech coud man!! The problem that I hadn't had my breakfast made the situation worst...ahahha..stupid me... So, we went to KFC to search for the warm place first before deciding to have some meal there...hahaha..and actually we had our lunch there...

and that was the last picture we took before having our lunch by the edge of the street facing the cold river...hahaha.. That was me, Jessica, and Joko... -you should have opened your eyes Ju!=P-

anyway,it was tiring day..and also i've spent much strippen card that day...wew! while we went to Indrapura to have something light..then we went to Harlem..we've never been there, so we decided to visit it as well as accompanied Jessica home... got the pizza and bubur ayam, it was not bad at all to have it as the medicine from the hungry and cold..hahaha... thanks for the meaL jes!!^^ Then we had hurry back to Indrapura to take care of a silly matter and bring some food home and once again catching the tram...What a day.. The point is the day was a gezilleg daag.. Thanks God for it!!^^

nb:Does making the font color into grey put you in fogging atmosphere?=P
3 Responses
  1. ju, joko.joe Says:

    wahh maaf yaa klo pada saat itu,waktu itu,hari itu,detik itu,siang itu,dan hari itu saya merem soalnya kelilipan lhooo waakakakakaka,but that was very nice market's in Amsterdam, i like shoping there againt - okky let's we go theree

    merem melek ( JU )

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    wew..ju si merem meLek..wkwkkw... Germany fiRst! then Dapper Markt!! -kok sing adoh sik y? gebLek ah...-