Return to Ravenhearst
waaahh..this is the last hidden object that has been waiting for all of the MCF fans! finally the game has been released on 27th of November... and i've just beat it!! hahaha.... but i skipped 2 puzzle and that was so pity...

Total playing hour for me was 8hours something..but it was worth it anyway..hihihi... the return to ravenhearst started when the detective thought he was finished the case on Ravenhearst manor by freeing Emma's soul.. later on, when he did the case in Madame Fate Caravan, he's been told that Charles's soul will avenge him and he need to be back to Ravenhearst once again since also the queen sent letter about something dark lied in Ravenhearst Manor..

The fact that it is not only Emma's soul but also Rose's and her twin daughter's soul which are burried and need to be freed, bring some more mystery by the presence of Charles' Son, Victor.. How will thedetective reveal this mystery and stop Charles vengeful spirit for good?
The gameplay itself is also being given as the best Big Fish Game ever..different from other Hidden Object games where we will be directed to the scene, we have to roam through many places by ourselves, finding item that will be useful for the clue to open the next door, as well as finding the fact about the manor itself... The puzzles are just as clever and intetive as the past game has, with some more skipping puzzle that allows us to go forward if we got stucked... one that bring this game more is that the attractively and amazingly music composing by the developer..two thumbs up for BFG!

The picture here from above is 3 of the screenshot, which is Victor's house on the cliff, one of the sound puzzle that obviously drove me crazy for some while, and the statue of Emma next to the heart door of Charle's burried soul... well, wondering how good the game is? download and play for 1 hour free or buy this game in here!
You can also review the video of this game here!
Happy gaming!^^

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