Guest conversation, accent mode?
wew...Yesterday was the 1st December! it's been 5months now and i'm getting the 6th month! Time went so did...hahha.... I think i will remind some silly conversation with my guest..well, with Indrapura's guest to be exact... haheuahe... coz recently my memory is messing arround... jah... Let's begin!

One not quite busy day.. Table 21..
G : "Let me guess...are you Japanesse?"
Me : "eH? I'm Indonesian siR... Do I look like Japanesse?"
G : " are Indonesian... I see..because your accent is like Japanesse... I have a Japanesse best friend whose accent is just like yours..."
Me : "ahahaha...No sir, Im Indonesian.." [Thinking back that if it wasdf so, than my english are Japlish? or maybe...his bestfriend has very good English..hahaha...]

The following hour...Table 8...
G : "...and..How long will you be here??"
Me : "well, since i'll be here just for one year, so next year i'll be going home.."
G : " Are you kidding me?!?! Your English is very good! why should you go back??"
Me : "Ahaha...I don't think so Mam..."
G : "Yes! You are very good!! You have kind of American accent since we talked!"
Me : "Wow, is that so? hahaha..i'll take it as a compliment..hahaha..." [And what about those Japanesse accent then??? Now i've got confused...]

The end of the day...Table 23..almost 11 o'clock...
Me : "Hi...Is everything fine here with the food?"
G : " no no...we are not finished yet...."
Me : "eh? No..i mean... Is everything fine??"
G : "wait a second,mm..i will this one...then you can..take it..."
Me : "No mam...i was asking whether the food is fine or not, or either you need something else...."
G : "aahh... ya ya!! the Food is...FANTASTIS!!"
Me : "hahha... please...take your time.." [Wondering, which accent of English i should have used...]

ayayayayai....maybe i will try to use my Javanesse English to the guest....a.k.a the MEDOK Mode of Okky....
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  1. O.v.R Says:

    I LOVE THIS POST!!!!..
    very funny!!!..

    hahahaha.. aku perna diem2 aja, ditanyain, kmu org korea bukan?.. ahhahaha

    trus perna pas bis byr makan, ditanyain, kmu japanese ya?.. hahhaa

    tapi ga ada yg pernah blg aku org indo. =.=

  2. -oKKy- Says:


    iya..mendingan aku kalo ditanya orang Jepang or bukan..jawab iya orang jepang..trus kaLo dibilang orang amerika..jawab iya juga....uaheae...

  3. O.v.R Says:

    lol.. kmu ni lucu kli!! XD

  4. Anonymous Says:

    wah lagunya ~_~
    bikin diriku yang sendu makin sendu..

    iya org sana gatau indo koyok e Q.. :D

  5. IoNg Says:


  6. -oKKy- Says:

    huE? apa hub.e ma nda tau Indo mon??