waduh....h-1 ke DuesseldorF..maLah fLu gini...T____________T niet so goooooeed maaann..... i hoPe i will get better soon...so the following trip is not getting interrupted by some disease.. it is just like the song i heard just now...
"But there's one thing...i know..the blues they sent to meet me won't defeat me...it won't be long till happiness steps up to meet me..."

That's from BJ Thomas...Raindrop keeps falling on my head... ahh...i hope my happiness, which is to be set free from this influenza will step up to meet me..jah jah....
anyway, i just got one nice video from my dearly beloved far away there.. thank you for loving me hun...^^ im sorry not to be able to be an extraordinary man... -i wish i couLd post the video here..buT the extension file is 3gp..so i couldn't-
i Love u chay..fRom the deepest of my heart...just wait for me..for some couples of month...

[HopE OuR Love Last And NeveR Die]
7 Responses
  1. cHristiani Says:

    flu juga lagi melanda indonesia..

    disini mah, flu hampir tiap harii..

    sekalinya update..disuguhi yg wow, gambarnyaaa..
    makanya cepetan pulang, biar gak kangen terus.hehe..

    salam ya,buat sapa tuw?he..
    btw, merry X-mas deh.. (yg pnting udah desember)

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    taK kira...makanya cepetan puLang, biar gak fLu teRus...wwkw...

    yowes..meRRy christmas pisan euY!=P

  3. CC Says:

    Bagus tuu... souvenirnya.. bikin dimana?

  4. -oKKy- Says:

    ooo..itu cha2 yang buat..di jakarta cen...pas ada jakarta fair gt kok...^^

  5. CC Says:

    apik ya... pie liburan xMas pul semarang kagak?

  6. O.v.R Says:

    wah wah..cieeehhhh.. okky!!!.. =p

  7. -oKKy- Says:

    cieh apanya y? hauehuae....^^