the Man that Rocks the WoRLd - one piece#564

is about Pops, the old whitebeaRd who gain all of his squad and pirate's tRust and Love... tRying to save his 'son' ace...he pushes foRwaRd against marine headquaRteR...

woow...the man who rocks the worLd.. i want to be someone that rocks the woRld as weLL!! don't u know it? i might be aLone heRe..but i know that God is now heRe...^^

it's a dream..and i have stepped my fiRst step thRough it..i'm going to be A MAN that ROCKS THE WORLD!! YAY!!!

anyway...don't u know that i miss you as haRd as the way i push my dReaM?^^
4 Responses
  1. salam sahabat
    wadouh lupa lagi ga bawa kamus wakakakk...
    any way this posting i dont know what U mean but i was understnded ok wish U dream be come true,award dari saya dah diambil lum??/thnxs n good luck ya

  2. chris Says:

    one piece emng kereeennn, gk sbr nunggu yg terbaru keluar.

    btw,don't be so hard to rockin the world,it might cause an earthquake..hehe..

  3. -oKKy- Says:

    haha...thanks man.. my eaRthquake won't be that much.. taKe it easy!=D

  4. CC Says:

    Heii Youuu!! U can be what u wanna be as long as u surrender ur self to God and HE will give all the desire of ur heart ...