new haiR
aahhh..finally, i cut my hair for the first time here... it was quite strange here.. i had been tried to lengthen my hair here but it seemed that it took longer time than when i was in Indonesia... Could it be caused by the different weather? I wonder..hahaha.. anyway this picture was taken couple days before i cut my hair, with Andrew... He looks like the first brother in Shaolin soccer... does he?=P
and this is the picture from Shaolin soccer...take a look... or he is the one who played in the movie?? what a coincidence....XD...~~uaheuae...quite same, eh?^^
and the happening moment was when i went early on a day to take a look at the laptop i really want and arrived in Indrapura too early (arround 3 uur or so) then i remembered Tante Paula told me to have a hair cut in China Town named Trendy.. how much i had to pay? 13 euRo... so if it's changed into rupiah, it was arround 156k.. How much i used to pay in Bali? arround 15k.. [1.5euro!!] hahaha... what a big different... ahh, anyway, this is my new picture...

uaheuae...kind of narcism of me now...auehuaea... much more better than the old one isnt it?? i just couldnt take anymore mess with my hair... lost my patience....uahehuae..i think i've waited too long...3months and only grew that long...gosh... wesss wes... reseeeh maannnn!! [kata tante linda...wkwkwkkwkw]

well...that's all foLks! thanks for dropping by... GOd Bless you!!! (",)

4 Responses
  1. O.v.R Says:

    nice hair cut!!.. =)

  2. Chen Chen Says:

    I prefer the long hari.. look mature .. hehehe

  3. -oKKy- Says:

    hauehae..thanks.. sebenere emang itu cm mau ngrapiin rambut tok..tapi sama yg motong di cut cut cut..terus jadinya kaya gini ini..Lha wong nd mudeng bahasanya... auheuae...

  4. O.v.R Says:

    hahah.. oohh. gara2 bahasa juga to ya?.. hahaha.. =p kmu ni kok lucu to orange?..ahhahahaha..