text fRom abRoad
Hi Okky! Nice to hear about you. Its a little different shanghai a verl . We hope you a not alome. Ja it was a good time with you. Today we go with ouer nice to a christmas market with a steam train a santa claus. Mutch fun in Shanghai. See u j~rgen a ingeborg.

Text from abroad, sent by a nice couple and two good friends of me..time went so fast..
it's been almost a year when i visited them in Verl,Germany with Agre and Cindy..
We had fun togetHeR.. and now after almost a year, i hope we do stay in each of our heaRts..

I miss you guys...
Greetings fRom Shanghai...^^

4 Responses
  1. NURA Says:

    salam sobat
    wah siip banget blognya
    itu fotonya keren pada narsis he,,he,,

    salam kenal OKKY
    saya sudah follow ke 16

  2. KucingTengil Says:

    wah...lo yg mana Ky? yg jadi gelas ya hahahahaa

  3. -oKKy- Says:

    @NURA: saLam kenaL juga!^^ thanks foR the foLLow...
    @kucing : wkwkkw...saLah.. aKu ini tuKang fotonya...jadi ga ada difoto..^.^'

  4. KucingTengil Says:

    jiaaaaaaaah... kasian amat. dibayar berapa jadi tukang poto lo? sini,,, potoin tora mia dunk hahahahaha