SmiLe...and tHe woRLd smiLes witH you!

i tRied to tHinK about this..why didnt it say, 'tHe woRLd smiLe to you' instead? now i have the answeR...weLL fRom my peRspective of couRse...^^ It's tRue that what we do wiLL get back vice veRsa...buT is it the Reason why do we smiLe? so that they wiLL smiLe to us? Not the main Reason.. Hmm..smiLe is Like a viRus.. it is a bend cuRve who stRaighten eveRything...and it is contageus.. when we smiLe to otheR...maybe they wiLL see something bRight inside us.. so they wiLL aLso smiLe to otheR..then so on, so on.... so at the end.. they, the woRLd, wiLL smiLe togetHeR witH us.. at tHen may come back to us.. it staRts witH 'with you' then comeback 'to you'...^^

But still, it's not about what you will's moRe into what you can sHaRe to tHem..^^

hey, have a gReat day feLLas! God BLess you aLL... don't foRget to give ouR biggest smiLes today, juz smiLe Lah!=D

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