Hoho..NI HAO MA???? Greeting from Raining Shanghai at 2.38AM... It is March already! 4months after I Left Indonesia...well I just busy with -as usual- work... and have pretty much no life here.. But today I get an FB message from Royal Rock Ministry...

It's about Leadership and Talent.. It is on the 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork -which is I'm about to look for now- Anyhow, some people believe that talent or talent with expeRiences is enough to build strong leadership and teamwork..But the author Denis Waitleys says..

"The winner's edge is not in the gifted birth, in a high IQ, or in taLent. The winneR's edge is all in the attitude, not uptitude. Attitude is the criteRion of success"

Yeah! I admit it! The same thing goes now in the place I woRk.. many has been woRking theRe foR too Long so tHey foRget to keep a good attitudE.. I'd RatHeR to have an inexperience one with a good attitude tHan have a veRy weLL expeRienced staFF with a veRy weLL bad attitude..
(-- )( --)(-- )( --)...

and here goes the best part... AbiLites +Attitudes = ResuLt
  • GReat taLent + Rotten attitudes = Bad Team
  • GReat taLent + bad attitudes = aveRage Team
  • GReat taLent + aveRage attitudes = Good Team
  • GReat taLent + good attitudes = GReat Team
If you'd tHinK about 'How about a so-so taLent, oR 'a not taLented one Like me', you'd betteR taKe a LooK at my abc's in Life the U part.. don't undeRestimate youR own taLent..

So..iF you want a gReat ResuLt, you need a good peopLe witH gReat taLent and awesome attitudE...

-i wondeR when i wiLL havE my gReat team..aH,i betteR staRt fRom my seLf fiRst-

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  1. kebookyut Says:

    jd, bakat keboo apaan yah? hehe

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    @kebo: hayoo..apaan hayo?