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hi all! well, this week was apparently being a busy week for me...umm, i mean, the restaurant was so busy that I have been away from posting something.. anyway, this past week..i have encountered some crazy funny guests around the restaurant. Ja well..when you are in FB field, you must know what i mean.. ok, let's get some reminding..

Rowell (my bartender) suddenly came up to me laughing...he said the guest are joking with him...
G: Do you have moet en chandon?
R: Of course we have. We have rose and brut as well sir..
G: OK, i took one coconut juice..
R: HA?
-haha..this is a typical me guest, i have to admit, i did it some several times =D-

[this was just happening yesterday]
G: Xiansheng...Could you give me..eeee...cocktail menu?? We would like to order eeerrr.. jio ying liao... [alcoholic drinks]
O: Ow oke..i'll get it for you...
-after some minutes they discussed and finally waved at me-
G: Soo we want to have...eerrr... Vanilla milkshakes and banana milkshakes..
O: Ahaha, OK, mei guan shi [no problem]
-well, our restaurant cocktail list is together with the drink list-

Mr.Frank's matter, a sofa seat #13 which is only for 4 persons, the guest insisted to have it while they were 6persons...
F: FU*K! Okky, this is Chinese you know? so difficult to handle! SH*T! Me also!
O: ahahah...easy siR! I are chinese..hahaha...

-Fresh from the oven, just happened today, The guest are having lunch inside the balcony-
G: Zhe li ge bu ge yi chou yan? -Can i smoke here?-
O: Bu hao ishe, zhe li bu ge yi -Im sorry, but you can't-
G: Oooo..wa mian ma? about outside?-
O: [smiling] Of course sir..

well well well... this is just some conversation in between.. maybe..that's why I like this FB field..If you think that guest are funny...yes they are!
4 Responses
  1. jadi pengen minum vanilla milkshakes

  2. Itik Bali Says: are so smart..
    I need google translate to understand this article.. stupid

  3. KucingTengil Says:

    wah...okky dah mahir bahasa cina neh sekarang. good good good... kembalilah ke asalmu hihihihihi

  4. ninneta Says:

    hahahahahahah..... dasar.... Vanilla milkshake lucu juga tuh ky dijadiin cocktail..... pakein apa kek yang penting ada alkoholnya.... hehehehhe