a little bit nar, a little bit sis

yeaP! I had a new suit now.. haha..at least I bought with my own earn. Anyhow, this suit I bought was a tailor-made Jeremy told me and it was pretty much well done. Since I don't really go to tailor when I was in Indonesia, I sometimes deny its quality.. but this one was very good and cheap. My suit was only RMB400 includes the material and trousers as well..[around IDR 600k]. And this picture was taken on the last Jeremy's working day..


and after I made those suit, I just can't help my self to make another coat for me.. I've been hunting this kind of coat before, but always didn't have enough time to go and make one. The last time i went to the other tailor, they were all closed for the Chinese New Year.. So now I just make one for me.. Check it out dah..

[model kamar mandi]

well...i think this time..is just a bit of nar and sis for me.. hahaha..

ps.I get this title inspiration from Bali Laguna's Ipod..one of the song's title was a little bit dang-a little bit dut..=D

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  1. ninneta Says:


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  2. narsis dikit gak papa, asal gak lebay. btw, kalo di sana dingin sih ya jadi harus pake jas gitu. kalo disini wah...bisa banjir peluh

  3. akupunyagigi Says:

    narsis looooooo
    tp bgus kok, sygnya klo di indo gk bisa pke jas tlalu pnjang gitu, soalnya disini mah puanaaaass

  4. KucingTengil Says:

    wkwkwkwkwkwk... I love the title. A little bit nar, a little bit sis. wkwkwkwkwkwk soo creative and funny. Go go go NARSIS hahahaha

  5. Okky! Oke juga narsisnya, keren! Hahahaha!
    Very nice, fit banget di kamu ^^

  6. -oKKy- Says:

    @akupunyagigi: bisaaa..kalo bahannya tipisss...=D
    @k.fanny: ahaha..paKenya kaLo didaLem ruangan AC aja kaLo gt kak^^
    @kucing: eHe!
    @sHeLLa: Thanks..haha..iya, fit..biKin soaLnya, jadi uKuRannya uKuRan badan...^^