some interesting fact I've found about my restaurant manager, Mr.Frank.. He is really man..well, he doesn't look so brilliant at first..but the more time I spent to talk to him..the more interesting things I've figured it out.. Just like yesterday he told me the fact about news..

F: Ni zhi dao ma wei shen me ta men shuo NEWS? [do you know why they call it NEWS?]
O: umm..bu zhi dao.. Wei shen me? [I don't know...why?]
F: Ni zhi dao Dong Nan Shi Bei ma? [Do you know Dong Nan Shi Bei?]
O: Wo zhi dao ya.. [I know..]
F: NEWS he Dong Nan Shi Bei shi yang.. N shi North, E shi East, W shi West, S shi South.. Zhong dong nan shi bei..cheng wei yi qi shuo NEWS..dong le ma? [News and Dong Nan Shi Bei is the same. N is North, E is East, W is West, S is South...and it becomes 1 as you understand?]
O:'re right.. Hahaha..interesting!

another thing was..even he looks like an old fashion guy..He's music taste is good.. all in his nokia express music's music are western...mostly jazz and blues..His favorite is Me and Mrs.Jones... which when he sings it, it sounds like 'Me and Mrs.Jung' =D

anyway, he's been doing 14years in Food and Beverage and Hospitality industry..and he knows a lot... well...a good catch up to begin with is by working with such a guy like this...^^

ah..this night just won't stop snowing...I better go sleep now...Wan an!
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  1. orang yg menarik banget ya. btw, kamu pasti fasih bahasa mandarin nih.

  2. Boleh juga neeh, NEWS kumpulan huruf dari arah mata angin.
    Sudah saya follow... hiks

  3. Hoo...
    Okky, request donk, foto2 musim salju di sana, yang cantik2 ^^
    Pingin lihat, sekitar tempat tinggal mu aja, misalnya dari jendela ke luar :p

  4. -oKKy- Says:

    @k.Fanny : wah..masih beLajaR Kak...^^ susyah!>.<
    @ABC : thanks! follow baLiK...
    @Shella : waduu..seKaRang ud ga ada saLju sHeL...