abc's in life
after i read the blog from Kak Fanny, that she got a homewoRk to i am inspired to do the same thing.. well, when she mentioned it difficult, it is difficult...^.^"

oK, let's learn our life's abc then...

A man can be a crucial ingredient in the team, but a man can't make a team.
Beauty is only a skin deep.
Carve your hurt in the sand, so the wind of forgiveness blows it away.
Dream max, work max, pray max.
Ego can make someone sacrifice everything for nothing.
Friends are angel who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
God will make a way when there seems to be no way.
History is a word derived from HIS STORY.
Imagination is the key for flying high.
Jump higher! And you will see more.
Keeping something is more difficult than gaining something.
Leadership is having people look at you and gain their confidence.
Many has failed, but he who stand up quickly is the one who most likely would be in the gate of success.
Nothing good will happen if everything goes too smooth.
Optimist sees doughnut as the dough, while pessimist sees the hole.
Pretending to feel something sometimes is OK,as long as it makes you tougher.
Que sera-sera! Whatever will be, will be.
Remember what you have done to other before talking about what others have done to you.
Struggling in the storm is one thing. We have to learn how to dance in the rain.
Think before you act.
Underestimating something will cause you trouble, never do it.
Victory is when someone has been able to conquer himself.
When problem occurs, don't say 'God, I have a big problem', instead say 'Hey problem, I have a big God'.
X is a factor, you are the one who control it.
You will never walk alone.
Zoom it out and you will see the whole masterpiece.

Yap...finally it's took the whole night to do this...^.^" [I was a sleep anyway]
Have a good day! God Bless You all..
5 Responses
  1. ninneta Says:

    i'm loving the "W"

  2. KucingTengil Says:

    wah...kreatif banget ky. dari A-Z ckkckckckck

    btw, ada awards buat dikau, diambil yaaaa

  3. got you. kena juga deh. he eh he....keren peernya.

  4. Lusy Says:

    what an inspiring dictionary u made...