pfff you will leave eh? Well, it would be nice to work with you with those David Larry michelin star chef... But maybe for now, I have nothing to offer him.. in other word, I just a bit lack of experience to work with such an honor like that.. More over, we have 6years different of knowledge and experience in FnB... My time will come one for now, let me enjoy my lesson here..

Hei J, it's sad to know that you are leaving, but all the best for you.. I hope one day we'll work together again! Thanks for your companion here.. Sure I will miss you ma friend..

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  1. sedih juga ya kalo harus pisah. apalagi kalo udah enak kerjasamanya.

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    @kak Fanny: haha..well..people come and go kak..^^