short story
So today is not supposed to be his first day on February when he does the morning shift. Yes, Diorama should have enjoying his morning with a cup of warm coffee while chatting with his old friend until the phone rang asked him to do opening.. He has anticipated it so that he woke early in the morning.. No body in charged, brought him to have a brief preparation then grabbing his chocolate milk pack..a small one.. yes..a small one..

His conversation with his friend was burning his spirit on fire...but despite of that, those irritating call in the morning still mess his day a little bit..and that was when all goes wrong from the start... The elevator he chose to go down, eventually brought him to the highest level of the building.. #25th Floor.. He was thinking..the entrance is downstairs..IT IS DOWNSTAIRS!! 'Like heck what he is doing in this floor?' Another couples of minutes well finally get him out of those building...Staring at a glance on his watch, he thought to catch a taxi to his workplace.. 'ah, but maybe running is faster...' he thinks so.. so he just wasted his 5 minutes to wait for the taxi and still he decided to run... Wait, anyway..HOW COME THERE IS NO SINGLE TAXI AVAILABLE ON THIS MORNING?? -apparently, that was what he was thinking-

On his watch, it is 9.55.. So he has another 15minutes to arrive on time since his watch is about 10minutes faster... all along the way he was running... sometimes he stopped and he took a deep breath..."what do you expect from a small pack of chocolate milk? a bunch of energy to run all along the way from house to workplace? Think again man..." all of this thing had just been there on his mind..well still he can not stop to mumble and frowning about the morning call.. Yes, he should have been in the conversation with his friend...or getting laid in his ultra-inconvenient bed.. but now he runs all along the way, just because the other manager is suspended because he didn't come to work on purpose.. yes.. he really want to shout at them and saying all this bad words...

Nearly by his workplace, where an image of rolex watch, show him the actual time at 09.58, he was relieving a bit since he could make it... His face was turning red, anger showed up there...finally the time has come to shout it out loudly... What make it worse is that those time keeper is showing the time at 10:01... 1 minute late!! Thing seemed to turn out bad when he saw only 2people do the opening.. including him... F*****g schedule, he added...

Before he could say all of those dammit things...his staff showed up and his name and sing, HAKUNA MATATA! Eventually, he laughed, turned out the table, and agreed with the phrase he told his staff the day before.. Yes, he told them the song..Hakuna Matata... and now they returned it back to him..
it was a nice cloudy day with sunshine in the middle..

Nothing will turn out good when everything is going too smoothly... This sentence is one of his favorite phrase from those Diesel Hey book... and since it was totally not smooth at all...the end was perfect... what a HAKUNA MATATA...
3 Responses
  1. KucingTengil Says:

    is 'he' in here is you? morning call its suck huh hahahaha hakuna matata then :P

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    weLL, it is dioRama..namanya juga shoRt stoRy..daRi sudut pandang oRang ketiga..haha...^^

  3. what is the meaning of hakuna matata? pernah denger nih dan pernah liat nama resto ini di Disneyland Paris.