Thomas Alfa Edison
wow... I think I'll write something different this time...hahaha.. weLL, actually i was browsing on my Laptop until suddenly my sister tidied up her books and I saw one of her book.. It is drawn on the cover, the image of Thomas Alfa Edison and his quotation... :

well, after I looked up on google, here is some review of him:
  • Born on February 11th, 1847 in Milan, Ohio

  • He was a great inventor who invented an electrical vote recorder, phonograph, microphone, electrical lamp, motion picture camera(1891), by 1912, motion pictures had sound because of him, telescribe, and in total he invented 1.368 inventions (WOW!!)

  • Passed away on October 18th, 1931 in New Jersey (84yo)

Hmm...a great inventor like him which called to be a genius, had his motto that without those 99% would stay only an inspiration.. I'm thinking to myself if i have enough prespiration..or maybe all I need just my inspiration? On the back of the book, there is another quotation of him..

"NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP! Many of life's failures are men who
did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"

so? why giving up?

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