HaKuna MaTaTa!!^^
afteR being so negative this recent days..caused by the rain as well..haha... Sun has came uP... Say Mr.Greeting to his 'How are you today' for me... I'm pretty well damaged I think..but God has been good to me...no wonder I can suRvive..by His love..^^

Hakuna matata...what a wondeRfuL phRase...
Hakuna matata...ain't no passing cRaze..
it means no woRRy for the Rest of your days..
it's our probLem fRee..phiLosopHy...

yap yaP! Get Lost negative!!
Just Like what my fRiend wRote on heR note.. This quotation..so am I...

-I am still healing. But I know I don’t cover a big wound with a baind-aid & forget about it. I let the wound heal itself & feel enough pain to know that I’m truly care for it- (.e.)

Thanks Ru!^^
6 Responses
  1. .e. Says:

    glad to read ;)

    u're welcome!

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    hahaha..she was heRe..jadi maLu...^^

  3. lil shell :) Says:

    hakuna matataaa...
    means no worries...

    lion king mode ON..


    no worry.. no worry...
    enjoy every moment...

  4. KucingTengil Says:

    perasaan pernah dengar HAKUNA MATATA ini deh... tapi dimana yaaaa *clueless*

  5. -oKKy- Says:

    @kucing tengiL : iya itu Lagunya Lion King mia...^^

  6. O.v.R Says:

    wakaka! makasih ya okky!!! ^^ HAKUNA MATATA!! hahahaha..