nemui [sleepy] so damned sleepy Rite now...waiting up (again) in terminal bus aiRport this time drives me hectic... i thought i have enough sleep last nite but i dunno why i feel so sleepy now..
So..i'll be leaving Bali until my visa comes up which is i don't know when.. haha.. what's the plan now? Looking for a paRtime job in Semarang! oR...if necessary...doing social woRk is a good idea too..^^

Then, if the visa stuff runs well, i'll be back to baLi and just dissapearing to everybody here leaving to Shanghai for another adventure^^
i hope this flight will not be delayed like i was befoRe in Jogja..oR else, this will be the lastest prior of me to fly with Lion Air..>.<

the Cafe World in Facebook has made me addicted to it but the connection sucks here...

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