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YO! 2days ago I had a chat with Maria, a good friend of mine.. She gave me some link about Dalai Lama quiz.. one of the question is to point the most to the least animal I choose. It was Cow, Sheep, Tiger, Horse, and Pig. My number was Tiger 1, Horse 2, Cow 3, Sheep 4, and Pig 5.

The result was indeed surprising. Those sign of the animal has its own meaning for each. Tiger represents pride, Horse represents family, Cow represents carrier, Sheep represents love, while Pig represents money. So if I look it as the priority in my life, the sequence is pride-family-carrier-love-money. Hmm...well I think it is INDEED true.

Somehow, some guest's order didn't come out for so long. I checked the order in the computer and he didn't order the food he's been waiting for. I asked him who took the order for him and he answered me "I ordered to one of you Indonesian waiter". That took me less than a second to replied him back. 'Im sorry sir? You ordered to Indonesian waiter? I am the ONLY Indonesian here and the rest are Chinese and Filipino. So if you don't mind if I ask you if he mentioned himself to you that he was Indonesian?' The guess then took his words, mentioned that he was only thinking since both Filipino and Indonesian looked similar for him. [Indeed, it's my PRIDE]

I was running out of nominal [red:money] when at the moment my family gave a phone call, saying that they are in need in urgent matter. The next day I put my nominal in my bank account, to be used for my family in Indonesia. I didn't think it twice. [FAMILY is my second priority after my pride?]

I chose to leave from my previous company since I'm stuck in the middle end of my carrier in hospitality. I want to spread my wings and aim for higher. [CARRIER, in fact that my pride was being stepped by those majority is my main reason of going out]

At the moment, I have no time to think about love since I was way too busy with work. [my next priority after carrier was LOVE?]

See my second fact, I was running out of nominal to be able to send my nominal way back there.. I'm not concerned about how much my new company are able to pay me, as long as I can grow my skill and my carrier there.. [MONEY was the least of all?]

Anyway, what a quiz...

Above all, what I'm concerned now is how God has been so good to me. He sent HIS angel surrounds me. Everything happens to me is by chance HIS handwriting in my life..err, I might have my pen to write, but HE has the eraser..

yeah! Life is not always fair, but GOd is always faithful!
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  1. God is always good for His children. btw, apa kabar? maaf baru mampir.

  2. Tommy Andriyanto Says:

    tulisanmu ini mengingatkan saya kembali terhadap prioritas saya yang seharusnya teman. Tengkyu very very much.

  3. -oKKy- Says:

    @k.fanny : baik Kak, thanks masih sempat mampir^^
    @TA : wah, my pleasure kalo begitu sobat!