sekedar nampang
Wei Ni HAO! haha.. back to bLogging! anyway, now I'm posting fRom my new room -again-. OK, so after this day, I removed house since I've no longer work in Bali Laguna. Room is quite small, but comfortable at least for these days.. I hope I can stay longer here anyway. The funny thing is that I have to wait until 00.00H to use the Internet since everybody use it then becomes very slow. After 00.00, they all go to sleep and it's my turn now..haha..

well...Last time I promised Bobby to put the shirt he requested, from the uniqlo shop, a one piece, just like the title of this posting.. sekedar nampang, ini baju juga sekedaR nampang...^^

-Tony ChoppeR, 50Rubby-

-Luffy's Pirate-

hmm..i don't know why the picture getting so small..or maybe I forgot to set it into noRmaL size? haha..anyway, ini the last picture of sekedar nampang...

-hehe..modeL baRu Rambut saya..mau beRekspeRimen si ala shanghai=D
aiya, kurus sangat saya..sepeRti kata pepataH, beRsakit sakit dahuLu..beRkuRus-kuRus kemudian =(-
Ya sudahLah, I'm going to sleep anyway, besoK keRja..ditempat baRu..

so the stoRy goes!^^

2 Responses
  1. Makan yang banyak! Hahahaa
    Katanya mau ada pony, kok di potong? Huahua~

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    @SheLLa: haha..iya nih, geRah soaLnya...pengen sesuatu yg fResh gitu.. ceiLeeeh..=D