colorful canvas
Wei ni hao!

well for today, I have nothing special to say, rather than to give two thumbs up for my beloved brother who said this in his FB shout..

"Who are we? To be demanded to make righteous decision and dreamed of perfect life? As human do mistakes, I too proudly making mistakes without any regrets.. And I'll dance over the colorful canvas of my life that no other can create, and laugh over the life I've loved so much......."

-Bobby Banawi-
[and he is truly laughing]

Yeah, that is one hit point Bro! So the most important thing is that we need realizing to 'dance over the colorful canvas of our life that no other can create'...

Should be on the time magazine anyway..haha..then I believe you are influencing the influence and affecting the affect...

well done, Bro!

7 Responses
  1. EDSA Says:

    Greeting from EDSA... :)

  2. T__T
    Terharu... Iya yaa, dance over the colorful canvas... Metafora nya gaul banget. Suka banget deh, is that the picture of you brother? The man who wrote that metaphor?

  3. wowo, dfinitely agree wth sth statement u quote above :D. 4 me, I just can't do anything btter than dancing though..keke

  4. bobby Says:

    hauhuehaue.. nice picture selection bro.. it was my 18th birthday if i'm not mistaken..
    hmmmm.. look at that silly little face brings memories uprise now..

    Yeahh, thanks to you there are more 5000 chances that my quote will be read! couldn't imagine if it was on time magazine :chilled chilled: hauaehuhaeuahe...

  5. KucingTengil Says:

    yes... we almost forgot that we are just a human being that have and will do mistakes (and sometimes a stupid mistakes). even soo, we should learn from the mistakes and trying not to reply it again in the future.

  6. Reine Says:

    hahahahha funny picture^^