a spontaneous expression is always funny expression.. just like what we had last night when a guest brought their new i-pad.. this is the picture of I-pad i got from googling.

so, this is some of the expression of us who saw it right away..

me: woase! very nice..
rowell: that's ipad, isn't it?
dan: woase...maybe feijang feijang expensive a...

and this is the funniest one...[according to me]
mr.frank: woase! very big i-phone a...

me, rowell, and dan were all laughing.. yes, that's another expression..

anyway, this is the story of the day.
today i met with a guest, he spoke indonesian a little bit. then i was curious why he speaks indonesian and he said he was dutchman but some several times go to indonesia. i ask him where he is from in netherland and he said he was from amsterdam. then i asked him if he knew indrapura restaurant by the rembrandtplein -since it was my previous workplace- by all chance, he told me that he'd thought he'd seen me before and it's obvious that it was on indrapura restaurant. i served him before, i was serving him as well now.. both in indonesian restaurant.

the world is small, isn't it? but i'm glad that i remember him..moreover that he remembered me..

haha..okelah, time to go home.. pretty tired for this weekend..

881 -ba ba yi-

god bless you all..

2 Responses
  1. Hahahahaha! So funny. Big i-phone eh? Hihihi. Gaul bangets. Wkwkwkwk

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ternyata.... dunia itu koq kecil ya... he..he..