Ni hao!

Have you ever heard of Des Sables? It's also known as MDS or Marathon Des Sables. Somehow, this marathon is the toughest footrace on earth. It covers 243km/151miles run over 6-7days on the dry Sahara dessert. The competitor itself also have to carry their own need in rucksack on their back, including food,medical aid, sleeping-bag, etc etc.. Water will be provided on every check point.

Well...the preparation itself, including physical training and mentally training too.. Since the heat of Sahara will absolutely lead to mental stress as you endure yourself. I couldn't imagine myself running in The Sahara for 7days! For the detail info, you can check it here

But one thing that I know, it needs a great amount of self-discipline, determination, and strong will to reach the finish line. I believe there will be many time for the runner when they feel like shit and thinking to throw the towel.

It's just like what I face now...as an analogy...to put me on those Sahara dessert where I feel like shit and thinking to give it up..until an encouragement come to me today.. posted by my beloved mom.. She wrote this to me..

When nobody respect about what you do..That's when you learn about sincerity
When your heart is hurt so deep..That's when you learn about forgiving
When you feel alone..That's when you learn about tenacity
When you feel so tired and disappointed..That's when you learn about earnestness

I think it's enough for me to keep running on my own Marathon Des Sables.. Thanks mom...for encouraging me...
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  1. wah, aku juga gak bisa bayangin berlari di gurun Sahara..ck.ck..

  2. Arfi Says:

    moms always encourages us.. we love my moms always, and forever...

  3. Howaaaaahh! Keren Okky!
    Ku jadikan featured post di blog ku yaa ^^
    Mami mu gaul bangets! Begitu bijak.
    Very nice. I love it :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Engkong sering ngomong ke Ik Na, "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going"..itu salah satu yg buat Ik Na bs bertahan di Jakarta desert..Keep going oq, we always keep u in our prayers..

  5. -oKKy- Says:

    @k.fanny: haha..kalo gitu ga usah dibayangin kak..
    @aRfi: supeRmom!
    @sheLLa: monggo siLahKeun shell...^^
    @ciLeungsi Fam: waH...good quote by Don Tedjo...tq yaa...

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Puji Tuhan.... hanya itu yang bisa mam lakukan buat Okky....
    Mam percaya.... Okky akan keluar sebagai pemenang didalam melewati ini semua..... GBU mis u.... luv u.....

  7. KucingTengil Says:

    wow... your mom so wise. I admire her words

  8. Chic Says:

    oooh waw! seriously? semoga suksessss.. :D

  9. Saya ikut bersimpati atas "penderitaanmu". But it's life ky. Kita semua pasti akan mengalami masa2 pahit dalam kehidupan. Dan itu semacam "uian kenaikan kelas". Kalau kita lulus, dijamin kualitas hidup kita juga beda dgn sebelumnya!! Jadi, tetap semangat ya!!