siap sidang?
yaaaaap!!! akhirnya pengajuan skripsi ud disetujui..rada deg2an juga, tanggal sidang kemungkinan besar tanggal 17..siang ini baru ambil SK buat sidang, jadi belom tau pengujinya siapa... eniwei, kemaren denok ud berangkat ke Spanyol, menemui calon pangeran berkuda putihnya.wkwkwkw...[buset! jaoh amat yaK?] Gud Luck deN! aLL d best foR you dah...^^
so..what am i doing now? im studying the paper of mine...and also trying to finish the suikodenIII, while doing church ministry as well....i really hope that my departure date will be delayed... hmmm, half of my heart says im ready to go..but not for the other half... think that i still have many things to do here..pretty sad to me... Mom said to concentrate on my final exam rather than her coming to Bali... weKs... buT, yesterday's KM taught me how to be JOY!! yaaP!! no woRRies foR tomoRRow...!!! RISE UP!!! dede also explained the rise.. they are R for REPENT, I for INTIMATE, S for SACRIFICING, and E for EQUIPPING ourselves...
sekian,,,info pagi ini..halah... -Lagi dengerin Cha2 bawain inTips..-
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