d miRacLe oF the Resto...
FinaLLy...2morro wiLL be the first day to woRk in indRapuRa... afteR the summeR couRse..everybody's got sepaRated...not a good thing as weLL...but that is what supposed to be..
the good thing is that i wiLL be rolled every some months to the service section iso spend the whole year in the kitchen..which actually i prefer it.. ahh..confusing..hhahaha... But i dont need to be worried, since God will definitely taKe care of me..^^
I wiLL do my best heRe..as the others will do the same things.. Let's meet again in d fiRst Going to Campus in KelderhoF, my fRiends!
-anyway, I wonder how beRnard is doing..-

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