Kasir apa kloset?

uaheuhuaheuae...postingan GJ aLias ga jheLas ni..kacruut... so tonight I went to Mc.D to get my meal with bazzar coupon...wHen i reached the cashier area...it said CLOSED... I just spontaneously spoke to Cha2..."Lho Cha, itu kasir apa closed? -read in Indonesian as KLOSET [toilet]" uaheuhae... masaK kasir dibiLang kloset...ckckkc...emang dasar ga jeLas nih...

anyway, thanks to Adek who has explained about read more in her blog, i found that was very useful..the unfortunate thing is it always appears in every post even for the short post..im still looking for some source to edit it so we can control whether we want to use the read more or not.. eniwei, what im doing now is...posting while watching the opening match of EURO 2008, Ceko vs Swiss.. cEko is leading 1-0... ahhh..time to sleep...^^

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