Save The Day
Dont waste your time to do tHe useLess tHings...
Realize youR time is your Life...
Too many things had gone..too many chance had Lost..
Did tHey mean to you? WeRen't they pRecious FoR you?
Proud with the emptiness..
sHadow..ain't aLways Right..
Too many jusT peRisHed..too many had RegRet...
who aRe they foR you? Why aRe tHey foR you?
Renew youR point oF view...and make aLL things new..
VaLue youR Life..
Do something stupid not..Do sometHing meaningfuLL...
The choice is you to maKe..tHe choice is you to taKe..
strengtHen youR Life and tHe wHoLe woRLd wiLL see..
Late and too eaRLy aRe not exist...
stRengthen your faitH..Now the wHoLe woRLd wiLL see..
It is tHe time...Now is tHe Time..
Get Up..step uP..come into the Light..
where the tRuth Lays and the waRmths embRace..
Stand uP..moVe uP..come into tHe Light...
iT's a new beginning to SaVe THe DAy!!
Lyric by : AtmospHeRe
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