PatricK KickeN
RecentLy i've goT some recoRding sound from one of my's about patrick KickeN, an Italian guy who spent his holiday in Malta.... this is his story..

"one day i went to Malta to a big hoteL.. in tHe moRning i go down to eat bReakfast. toLd the waitRess i wanna TWO pieces of toasts..She bring me onLy one piece.. i said.. "I WANT TWO PIECE!!" she said " Go to tHe toiLet if you want to piss!!"

PK: "u no understand I want two pieces on my pLate!!"
W :"U betteR not TO PISS on uR pLate u son oF a bxxxh!!"

i dont even know heR but she called me son of a bxxxxh... then i go to a big restaurant, the waiter only give me spoon and knife but no foRk. i said "I want a foRK!" he said "everyone even Fuxked!"

PK: "U no understand me I want to be foRk on ma tabLe!!"
W: "U betteR not to fuxk on the tabLe u son of a bxxxh!!"

tHen i want back to my room on the hoteL and see there is no sheet on ma bed. caLL the hoteL manageR and say "I want sheet" he say "go to toiLet if you want to SHIT!"

PK: "u no understand i want sheet on ma bed!!!"
HM: "u betteR noT SHIT on youR bed you son of a bxxxh!!"

then i go down and checK out..the man say "peace on you maN!" I said "Pissed on you too man you son of a bxxxh!!" I go back to ItaLia..aRRividechi!!
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