8 Anointings...

Well..kemaren itu ibadah Pentakosta… turunnya Roh Kudus..^^ I went to church, which preach by Mr.Henry Parera, speaking about the 8 anointing Holy spirit will give for us.. Been wondering whether this 8 will come to me, or maybe it will be more to be when I will get it for sure.. since I’ve been waiting for this anointing. Of course that you can’t have it easily coz people need to be processed.

1. Anointing to create
Create anything.. For me, it is more to be in entertainment or workfield since I will be on this 2 major for my life. Music, has been running over my childhood until now.. and due the decision to take hotel management for ma study, forcing me not to just work in some place, but to create another job opportunity for others..

2. Anointing for dominion
This one will a little bit difficult for me.. but, what is impossible with GOD? Nothing! Dominion talks about new place to harvest, new people to tell about HIS Love, and new thing to be explored…^^

3. Anointing to Posses the gates
Gates speak about the decision. How I make my decision will affect the whole of my life. But when you have Holy Spirit in you, ask first about what you want to decide, follow it, then your life will be great! Sometimes I made bad decision and wrong decision. Make it no more…

4. Anointing to transfer the wealth
I believe that I am blessed to be bless for other. Even tough I know that I’m still struggling for my wealth, but what that’s for comparing with what God has given to me in my life? Once I heard that when you give more, you will have more..^^

5. Anointing to new greater emphasize of intersession
Hmm… Kind of strange word for me I guess.. in Indonesian is “urapan syafaat”. Means that you’re not just live your life for the sake of God and you yourself, but know that whenever God put you in, He has a purpose for you and for the place you are placed. Questioning my mind is to pray for the nation, for the city, for government, for school, and for work place…so, pray, pray, and pray!

6. Cyrus Anointing
as mentioned in Psalm 107:16..

7. Anointing of creative miracle
Who knows..that someday just by playing your music, you can heal someone’s soul…^^ people could hear that there is GOD in the music we play, not just by music, by the song we sing, by our act. Play role as a window, where everyone can see God through us…

8. Anointing to spiritual eldershiper
in Indonesia- Kepenatuaan Kota-, how we influence the influence and affect the affects…

I’m 21years old… There are so many great things that will happen or I will definitely do.. as God has HIS purpose on me.. The book “Sang Pemimpi” by Andrea Hirata –given as my birthday present by Ms.Lusy- inspires me a lot. Dream a big dream, while doing a little thing… I believe it..

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