The Samaya Courtyard
fiuh...whaT a day... today i woRked in the brand new Samaya Courtyard.. not much to do heRe but aLL checking in the Korean Guest, compLeting the guest activities, and fiLLing the List of coming guest... the tools in the lobby aLso still are simpLe.. computeR foR the system and phone opeRatoR. buT we've got aLL new HTs... and aLso i've been doing triaL foR the ipod dock machine..HoHoho...^^
tHis Samaya Courtyard has bigger room and moRe compLete faciLities than The Samaya Seminyak as the compensation of no beach. aLL the guest who want to go to The Samaya wiLL be dRopped by boogie caR, driven by the butLer inchaRge.. just foR InfoRmation, this Room has 2 pLasma TV, 1 in bed Room and the otheR one in the bathRoom with jacuzzi.. it's aLso will be compLeted with gym and restaurant -which is stiLL on woRking pRogRess-
we have 22 viLLas heRe -not aLL of them aRe ready to be used- and this evening we've got onLy 5 villas occupied..

pictures are taken from The Samaya Bali
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