one sky one destiny
THinKing of you..wHeReveR you aRe..
we pRay foR ouR soRRows to end
and hoPe that ouR heaRt wiLL bLend..

now i wiLL steP foRwaRd to ReaLize this wish..
who knows..StaRting a new jouRney wiLL not be so hard..
oR maybe it has aLready begun?

theRe are so many woRld..
but tHey aRe shared the same sKy..
one destiny..

2 Responses
  1. Hi Okky. Thanks for your visit hihihi, how was the winter last night.... Welcome the winter seasons in the north side dear hihihi..... -12 celsius?

  2. KucingTengil Says:

    aduh segitunya hihihihihi