So I'm back. To be honest, I have so many things to do..but I want to spend my time posting this anyway. Some days ago, I have a good conversation with one of my friend. She asked me how I was doing.. I learn a lot here in my new workplace and sometimes things are going too wild to handle. Just like when you are swimming in the lake of fire...geez, those are really pain in the arse... I believe this is my hellish training.. either I sink or I swim.. -this 2 phrases I've got from ES21^^-

My mom always tells me to think this as a gold purifying process. Gold needs to be burnt in a high degrees temperature before it turns into the real gold..even diamond needs thousand cuts before it shines its real beauty. Talking about hellish training before, I think inside me a man who falls in love with hell..The process is hard..but I won't give up that easy..until I become such a 'coffee powder'...^^

A good friend of mine wants to see me flying being the one who is trusted by my superior..the right arms..and now I am stepping mine to set it..In the end, there is no end for the field of dreams.. DREAM MAX!! WORK MAX!! PRAY MAX!! Yeah, that is smart...
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  1. KucingTengil Says:

    ganbatte okky san... if you think its for the best soo keep on movin' you can do even you swim on fire (wew... its really pain in the arse) I am sure with this attitude (patient, try and pray) you will bee success someday^^

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    @Kucing : PTP? patient tRy pRay...haha.. istiLah baRu.. LIKE THIS MAXX!!