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Some introduction about China...fact that I get from my Chinese lesson :
  1. China population is about 1300 million people, the biggest population in the world.
  2. China has about 960km square area, almost the same with Europe.
  3. China has 23 province, 5 Autonomous Region, 4 Municipalities, 2 Special Administrative Regions. Beijing is the capital city of China.
  4. China has 56tribes. Besides The Han, there are The Hui, Tibetan, Mongolian, and 55 others small tribes.
  5. Yangtse River and Yellow river are two biggest river in China. Yangtse River's length is about 6300km while Yellow River's is about 5600km.
  6. The North East of China, Heilongjiang Province, during the winter time could reach its air temperature of minus 40degrees Celsius. While the north-est place in China, Hainan Island, the average temperature of around 25degrees Celsius.
  7. The east of China and the west of China covers more than 5000km. When the sun rises from the east part of China, its west part is still covered by dusk.
and the worse is that it's written on Chinese.. Fact that the 2nd book has no more pinyin on the text forces my brain to work harder... OK, go intermediate man!

An interesting breakfast I had this morning was a '鸡蛋饼' (Ji Dan Bing) with '油条' (You Tiao), a traditional Shanghai food with kind of Cakwee...only for 3.50 RMB, and grab a small
box of Chocolate milk for 3.80RMB, costs me total of 7.30RMB and keep me away from hunger until 2.30pm... NICE! Will have it for another day then.. (",) Well, reservation goes crazy, time for reality now..oyeah, IT'S FUN TIME!!! Ciao!

Greeting from Bali Bistro!

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