I'm still here
Wow.. it's been a while that I didn't really...posting... thought I lost my touch..well, I really never have one I think..anyway, yeah, im still here..

OkeLah, for the first in February, even it's a bit -not that bit,actually- late, let me say Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentine Day, and Happy Lantern Festival! This rabbit year hopefully will bring more luck and prosperity, in every aspect of our life!

Second thing is...I'm most likely getting used to enjoy this endless winter..geez...it's cold... One of my friend asked me if I want some Valentine gift what that would be, so I said 'wishing that the winter would end up soon'

Third one, we are (Bali Bistro) expecting the March to come with our Ayam Penyet promotion! ah, I think I'll save the detail for later... basically it's like eating spicy contest.. Trying to finish it in 8minutes or so..

Anyway, working time! Typing lateR!
-still have to struggle since the air-co in the restaurant is having some problem with the hot air...ouch!-
6 Responses
  1. hohoho... me too... sebenernya sih aku males bgt posting,, hehe

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    @kebo: iya, apalagi disini dinginnya amit2..>_<

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Okky, itu promo untuk tantangan makan ayam penyet pedas dalam waktu 8 menit sama ama tantangan yang dulu pernah Okky ikuti di Minesota to? wkwkwk semoga sukses ya......

  4. -oKKy- Says:

    @WS: umm, kurang lebih sama...tp kalo dulu di MN itu kan chicken wings... hehe...
    @MM: iya tuh...=D