Have anybody seen the movie 'EVAN ALMIGHTY'?? uaehuae...it's quite a good movie, the sequeL of BRuce aLmighty wHich doesn't have anything to do with the fiRst one, but the God and Evan himseLf... haha... in this moviE, God asked evan to buiLd the ARK for Him...and in a sudden, evan became Like noah who had to build an aRK for the big flood to come... weLL, in the end of this movie, what God really want us to know is, that our ARK means more than what REAL ARK is.. ARK -Act of Random Kindness- [i just realized this when Agre toLd me about the ark we should build, thanks GuR!^^]

weLL..taLking about this ARK..what do you have in mind? have you ever done it befoRe? hahah..pRetty confusing, isn't it? Hmm..RecentLy, there is a reaLity show in TV caLLed -PembeRian MisteRius-, you will be asked to give something to someone you don't even know who and you have to search for the adress yourself.. it can be money or food or even medicine that is very much needed for those people.. It's quite dramatical for me to see, that small people who lives under the average are actually rich in their hearts. For us? Small thing will be probably enough to help people arround us who are in need. Small Kindness, will be pretty much appreciated rather than if we show off our solidarity. Hmm..even God ask us to build our ARK..maybe it is one way for us to be the light and salt of the world...

So..are you ready to build your ARK?^^

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